Crusty old pair of Jeans

This morning I woke up an hour late, grumpy as usual. I was supposed to meet up with a former class mate of mine at about 10 in the morning, it was already 8. Metrorail employees are supposed to be going on a strike next week, and previous experience tells me that whenever Metrorail workers are preparing for a strike, trains run on their own creative schedule i.e The bulk of the trains will get cancelled, I wanted to catch an earlier train in case they get up to their usual BS. I quickly took a shower and realized that almost all my pair of pants were either dirty or creased, I didn’t have time for ironing and the only pair I had were the crusty old pair of jeans that I haven’t tried on since 2008, when they no longer  fit and putting them on were a danger to my testicular health and fertility. I decide to be brave and put them on and whad’ya know, the 20 minute cardio I’ve been doing three time a week is actually working, those crusty old pair of jeans fit. My mood went from grumpy to chirpy in a split second and it’s been that way ever since. Funny how the most unexpected thing could brighten up my day.


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