Music Break – Beats, James Beats

Once in a while a musician comes up with a brilliant idea, then their brilliance gets the better of them and they end up with schizophrenic end-products that we, the consumers of their music, end up filing under “Good ideas gone bad”. This instrumental project isn’t one of those, the artist actually executed his idea splendidly.

Beats, James Beat is an instrumental project by some guy named shy guy. Never heard of him but while I was taking a stroll down the deep dark depths of the interwebs I came across his music. He samples James Bond main theme song (get it, beats, James beats?) in chronological order, from Dr No to License to Kill. I’m not a fan of James Bond, I prefer Austin Powers, but I couldn’t help head boping to his hot Beats.

Because I care for my readers, I’ll provide you with his band camp page, where you can stream the whole album or download it for free. [Check it out: Shy Guy’s Bandcamp]