Perception is greater than reality

It’s Friday and this poor white guy is trying to get home but these bloody taxi drivers keep ignoring him. People who use taxis as a means for transport know that there are countless reason a taxi driver might ignore you, for instance, different taxis go to different destination and the only way a taxi driver would know were you’re going is if you make the appropriate hand signal to stop the taxi (pointing upwards if you’re going to the CBD, downwards if you’re going somewhere local, etc). If you make the wrong hand signal, the taxi driver ignores you. When the taxi is full, the taxi driver ignores you. If the taxi driver saw that you’ve just gotten off a Rea vaya BRT bus and need a taxi to get to your next destination, he ignores you.

It’s quiet sad that, with so many possible explanations of why a taxi driver would ignore a passenger, that this guy would think that the reason he was ignored was because he was white. Poor soul……………. but then again, maybe he’s right, with all this talks of vengeance and race wars, taxi drivers might have thought that he’s a bloody agent sent by the AWB to blow their brains out. Yeah, they ignored him ’cause he’s white.

This is what a taxi looks like, in case you didn’t know

3 thoughts on “Perception is greater than reality

  1. "fear of a black planet"- lolI was once walking down the road with my head in the clouds and this guy in a taxi passing by me asked if I wanted to go to town or something. I wasn't expecting at at all so I think I must have looked pretty surprised. So he said something like "what? you might have wanted to go to town…" justifying asking me.And then I felt like such a git, as if my reaction had looked like I was thinking "why on earth would you think I would get into that taxi?"So I felt bad and I stammered something like "no of course you are quite right I may have wanted to go to town, thanks for asking me."What a dorky moment.But anyway I am a bit scared of taxis. Not because I think someone will shoot me in the head, but because the system all looks very complicated and I fear I would somehow end up completely in the wrong place with no way to get back. And I'm pretty quiet so I'm scared I wouldn't have the guts to say "I want to get off here!!" and I would just end up getting off wherever.I wish they had some sort of guide book 🙂

  2. ^^^The taxi system is quiet easy if you ask, If you ask someone inside the taxi, they'll be glad to tell you everything, from where you need to get off and which taxi will take you to the next destination. I usually don't know where I'm going whenever I have interviews or when I have to visit friends that live on the other side of town but I always reach my destination.But on the other, outside the greater Jo'burg area, the taxi system isn't that great, the great thing about taxis in JHB is that they're everywhere, you can get anywhere with a taxi here. When I lived in Springs, most of the time you had to get off far away from your destination and walk the rest of the way, it was the same in the Vaal and in Bloemfontein. It might be as bad Grahamstown but you'll never know 'til you try it :)@Jaycee I feel sorry for him as well but I'm sure he'll get the hang of it.

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