Jobless in Johannesburg II: the interview

He woke up unusually early today. As part of his morning ritual, he reaches out for his phone to check if any of his favourite blogs have been updated. One new message, the flashing phone screen read. Wondering what kind of Neanderthal would send a text message so early in the morning, with eye gunk blurring his vision, he attempts to read it.

Morning AQUILOGY, quick reminder for your interview at 14h30PM in our offices in Centurion, Lyttleton. If you’ll be running late please call. C U then.

Shocked, he opens his e-mail to check if he didn’t get the dates wrong, he could’ve sworn the interview was on Monday. Disappointed that he confused his interview date, he makes a mental note never to take important calls after waking up. Agitated, he quickly gets out of bed to take a shower, thank goodness his sleep was interrupted, he would have been screwed. You would assume that he would be humiliated by having to ask his mother for transport money but the thought of going to his first interview this year makes him euphoric.

Time is still on his side. It’s only 6h45, he decides to head on over to campus to print the Job description and directions the agency sent him. Relieved at the sound of taxis hooting outside, atleast getting there won’t be much of a hustle plus he won’t have to worry about getting shot for boarding a BRT feeder bus. The clock strikes seven and he leaves to catch a taxi to campus.

Upon arrival, he remembers that he’s no longer a student there, his student card might still be working but he’s still here illegally. Since there was no money in his student to print, he decided to call his constant life-saver, Alv_Mac

Alv_Mac: Hey, AQUILOGY, howzat.

AQUILOGY: sweet boet, are you attending any lectures today? I need a quick favour from you.

Alv_Mac: Nah, I’m free ’til eleven.

AQUILOGY: Cool, can you borrow me your student card, I’m not on the system so they didn’t load any xerox moolah for printing on mine?

Alv_Mac: No problem, I’m at the library, you’ll find me there.

Briskly walks to the library, enters the study room and notices the whole room staring at him. I guess it’s not everyday they see someone with a shirt and tie. He notices Alv_Mac, working on his electronic circuit board or whatever, he always was somewhat of a genius.

Alv_Mac: Heita, what is it that you want to print? and what’s with the shirt and tie?

AQUILOGY: I have an interview, I need to print out a couple of important documents. Do you know where I can get an A3 printer here?

Alv_Mac: I don’t think they A3 prints here, maybe in campus square? Just do it in A4, I’m sure they won’t mind.

AQUILOGY: Alright then, where’s your card?

Alv_Mac: In my bag, in the left pocket.

AQUILOGY: Alright thanks, I’ll be back in thirty minutes.

After printing the documents he wanted, he couldn’t help but browse the interwebs for some free EP’s on bandcamp. An hour later he realizes that he doesn’t know the exact location of the interview, it’s best he leaves early to avoid arriving late. He runs back to the library to hand Alv_Mac back his student card, thanked him for helping him out and leaves for Noord Taxi rank. He finds the taxi to Centurion completely empty, the sixteen-seater has to be filled before the taxi leaves. time is still on his side. He reads his communication III work-book for some interview tips. An hour later, the taxi gets filled. The driver walks in and starts the engine. He shows the taxi driver the directions the agency sent him, asked him if he knew where the place was and the driver told him that he does but the place is on the other side of Centurion, he’s gonna have to catch another taxi there.

Upon arrival at the taxi rank, he asks the queue marshals where the taxi to Lyttleton is, they pointed to a worn down taxi left from where they were standing. He Walked to the driver, showed him the printout and asked him if he knew where the place is. The driver nodded, assured him that he’ll drop me off exactly at that place, even though it’s not part of his route. He got inside the taxi, greeted everyone and waited for the taxi to fill up. thankfully, it was already half-full. fifteen minutes later, the taxi departed. The driver dropped off everybody else and drove to his destination, just as he had promised. He dropped him off there and told him he’d be back in an hours’ time to pick him up. An 45 minutes earlier, he walked to the office building, the secretary rang him up. He walked up the stairs to the second floor, heart pounding like a love struck teenage boy. Walks in the agency offices, observing and analysing his surrounding. Everybody is drinking coffee instead of working, what kind of operation is this? he asks himself, the secretary walks towards him, they exchange greetings. After being handed a several documents to fill in and sign, he notices that one of the documents is an indemnity form, it wasn’t enough that they got hold of his CV in an under-handed fashion, they now want him to sign an indemnity form? this place is shady.

A chubby old lady with long curly red hair walks up to him, he introduces herself as a recruitment agent, she’s the person who’s going to interview him. He leads him to a tiny room in the corner, apparently it’s her office. She sternly asks for the documents requested, asks him to take a seat. looks at the documents, a copy of his ID, qualification and his most recent payslip, files them, informs him that the company that the are looking to place him in is a food manufacturing company and not the one that they spoke about on the phone the day before, having worked in that environment, he has a better chance of finding a position there. and asks him a few question. Surprised and secretly mad that he only got asked two questions, couldn’t the agency do one of those telephonic interviews that seem to be trend these days? he cannot believe he travelled all this way to get interviewed in less than ten minutes but I guess it’s a blessing in disguise, he has a nasty history of loosing his cool in the last ten to fifteen minutes of an interviews. He thanks the agent for her time, leaves the room hoping that he gets short-listed he needs that money to waste on his infamous beer guzzling episodes.


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  1. Ayoba bro well i can say its a blessing in disguise!!if u get da job ul b getting food for free nd i mean MAHALA.LOL hope for the best for you boss!CHEERS from ALV_MAC!!!!!!

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