I was their wedding anniversary gift lol

About three to four hours ago I finally was finally allowed, six months after the fact lol. I wasn’t as excited as everybody about my graduation, but I was happy that all those long nights, all those days waking up at the crack of dawn in the middle of winter so I can catch 6:30 am train, etc weren’t for nothing.

I left my home three hours before the ceremony, I wanted to make sure I arranged my graduation attire and photos before rush hour, I hate queues. Anyway, I got there arranged everything and hung out with a few of my friends who also couldn’t graduate last September because of administrative stuff ups. We spoke, reminisced about the good old days, congratulated each other and whatever. I looked at my clock and realized that only an hour was left before the ceremony (Guest were requested to be seated 45 mins before the ceremony), I called them and they told me they were on their way to collect my sister at her work place. I reminded them that the ceremony begins at 17h00, they assured me that they’ll be here by then, fast forward to 17h05 and they still haven’t arrived. I went outside, left my bag and attire inside the foyer, called them that I’m entering the auditorium, I’ll leave their tickets with the security. When I got back, someone had stolen my hood. I went in, already late, and the ushers told me I need the hood as part of the ceremony, I ran out as fast as I can so that I can hire another one. I got back just in time, they were about to call us to the stage.

They finally called out my name and when I walked on-stage and faced the crowd, it felt good, felt like my hard work paid off. I couldn’t help but feel joy to see that my folks and big sis have arrived and were smiling and clapping.

I’m so proud of myself, this ceremony was the recharge battery I needed to continue my hunt for a J O B.