Summer’s gone

Summer, I never really bought into the hype. Always thought everybody was insane to get excited about a season where everybody sweat and my eczema gets into overdrive. I was closed minded, neglected the fact that not everyone is lucky enough to live in Johannesburg, where Winter isn’t really isn’t all that harsh. I’m a winter person myself, mainly for the food and the obligatory rapid weight gain. but I have to admit, you really came through big this season.

Never would I have imagined that you would make me give you the appreciation that you highly deserve and teach me a valuable lessoin the process. You see, up until now I didn’t really understand that people generally go into a sort of hibernation, we as a people can’t really get together and enjoy companionship when it’s cold.I thank you for the gift of sunlight, the cool breeze you supply making it possible for us to enjoy each other’s company all night long, totally unaware of the time. I thank you for the warm days you provide, making it possible for us to enjoy pouring an ice cold, carefully brewed mixture of hops, barley, wheat and water without risking our immune system turning against us the next day. Thank you for fortifying our friendships. Everybody’s busy and fortunately, your presence coincides with the Birthday of the unconquered sun or sol invictus. Fortunately, everyone is off from work when you make your appearance. Beers, braais, pool parties galore, all courtesy of you.
But we understand nothing last forever, as you take your well deserved nine month long holiday, we’ll be patiently waiting your return.