My two cents on Zuma and his baby mama drama

Those smart enough might have noticed that I haven’t updated this blog in a while, two months to be exact. If you thought that this blog is dead then you were right, I had planned on taking a indefinite break from blogging here, mainly because I have important things that I have to care of (like getting a job). At any rate, after rejecting countless “Zuma must step down” facebook groups invites like this one, I felt the need to put in my two cents worth of what everybody else is talking about.

You might have heard that our President, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, who already has four wives had sex with Dr Irvin Khosa daughter, Sonono Khoza and had a baby with her. The whole country is talking and it seems like, I’m the only person at the moment, who doesn’t really care. I’ve read countless blogs, newspaper article, Helen Zille’s Tweets. etc, and I’m left wondering: “How does this really impact anybody who’s surname isn’t Zuma or Khoza?”. With the exception of opposition parties who are out to score cheap political points, it seems what everybody is really worried about, is the perception this has on the rest of the world. Everybody is worried that Zuma’s lust for young ass, is reflecting badly on the country, well I got news flash for the rest of y’all, This is Africa, the world’s perceptions about our continent is way too fucked the fuck up for us to care plus, if you’ve seen how western news cover Africa (and recently, Haiti) you’d know the dealio, sure Zuma’s ordeal might reinforce certain stereotypes about Africans but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Stereotypes have little to do with the behavior of those stereotyped (I hope that makes sense). Above all else, these are the two things that are the most mind boggling about the whole episode:

Exactly why are we surprised?

Not to sound like I’m looking down Zumeezy but isn’t Jacob Zuma the same guy who: 1) Has been married six times and currently has four women he can matrimonially drop load of his seed in 2) Knowingly had unprotected sex with an HIV positive women who was his friend’s daughter who referred to him as “malume” (uncle) ’cause she grew under him 3) I don’t really remember where I read this but back when Zuma and Mbeki were buddies in exile and they needed a gun and the only gun available was in a some unattractive woman’s possession and to get the gun, everybody agreed to send Zuma ( cause he had a way with women) to seduce the said woman so she can give them the gun. It is kinda clear that Zuma has a weakness for booty and he is somewhat of a cassanova or as the kids like to say “His dick game is proper”. Everybody knew this about him, it wasn’t much of an issue ’cause 1) he got elected as president 2) He was literally a media darling months ago. If most people didn’t care about his infamous penchant for new booty back then, why are they making a noise about it now?

What’s the fight against HIV/AIDS got to do with it?

I won’t pretend to be an expect on the battle against AIDS, I’m just a guy who has spent the most of 2010 in his boxers watching Al Jazeera English the whole day but I’m smart enough to know that Zuma’s sexual behavior (or anyone’s for that matter) has anything to do with the fight against AIDS. AIDS prevention messages are everywhere, way before I grew my first pubic hair strand, I already knew how you got AIDS and what one needs to do to prevent infection. Almost everybody knows the ABC’s, Condoms are free and available everywhere, from Toilets at University campuses to Spaza shops and public phones in the townships and still people (more often than not, it’s the men but that’s a post for another day) choose to be irresponsible, regardless of whether Zuma chooses to keep it in his pants or not.

That is just my opinion on the matter.



5 thoughts on “My two cents on Zuma and his baby mama drama

  1. See problem is with your smart people is that you assume others are smart like you. The world is full'a'fools. People used to call AIDS and American Idea for Discouraging Sex. And they were serious about it too. This was in 1995. Some of those people are no longer with us today.Point is there's been so much ambiguity created around the whole matter of HIV and AIDS, especially from politicians in influential positions, that the last thing needed is for a president who goes about having unprotected sex. For god's sake there are people who believe sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. So there are people out there who will think that because JZ is having sex without a condom, they can too. At the very least, he's eroded any authority he may have had in telling people to put on condoms. I dare him to try, people will laugh.But eish like I said in the lead up to the elections, JZ is very entertaining, and it's all fund and games until he actually has to lead.

  2. ^^^ Although I agree that there are people out there, for reasons unknown, who still have misconceptions about AIDS, I honestly don't think that there are that many of them. In the grand scheme of things, Zuma's disappointing conduct won't affect other people's risky sexual behaviour. The bulk of the people out there were still indulging in unprotected sex before this episode and after this noise has died down, people will still be acting irresponsibly.PS: Smart people don't spend most of their time in their boxers. Thanks for your comment 😉

  3. I totally agree with you Aqui! Anyone that goes out there and has unprotected sex with multiple partners because JZ is doing it, deserves to be infected.i don't know why people are kickin up such a fuss! it boggles the mind!

  4. Thank you. I've been mulling this over and just don't have the words to explain why I can't care about who Zuma bonks. I mean, really now, it's not our business.

  5. Wow inbgnorance at its level best,the goverment spends billioins(tax payers money) on behavroul change how effect will yhose communications b if the head of the state does not.Amngst us south africans the is alot of race stigma,zulus act that way,xhosas that way whites that way that developed a while bck and it is frm the race representetives or leaders dat such stigmas are created.Now if you say u dnt care who zuma bonks its like i dnt care abt other ppls judgment on my country how they indentify with us ppl of South africa,iam ceternilly not a womeniser,no a crook nor a rapist nt saying Zuma is aswell and would want to wrk overseas bt my chances are being runnied by de president he is potrying a bad image of South Africans by his acts.U may tyk it lightly bt the are a lot of funders who invest or r willing to invest in HIV campaigns,women abuse anticorruption campaigns bt do u think they feel thier investment is safe/will b if they invest in SA.dats my 3cents opinion

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