Same sh!t different year

Me, a year ago

A year or so ago I was a wreck, spending precious time beating myself over for having the weakness of readily trusting people. I was angry that I didn’t trust that little voice inside my head telling me that “Don’t believe him, your boss is lying just to keep you from leaving“, as usual I didn’t listen to the little voice telling me what I already knew, January came and all the promises made to me in terms of my training ended up being big fucking nothings. January 2009 wasn’t pleasant and a year ago, I made a resolve to pick myself up and regain my equilibrium. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you already know that I didn’t quite regain my equilibrium. In fact, it’s been downhill since then. lol.

Me, a year and 500+ Peri-Peri chickens later

A year later, have I learned anything? Doesn’t seem like it. If I did, I would’ve listened to the little voice in my head telling me: “Don’t go there, leave her alone, she’s crazy. Avoid her at all cost“, Now I find myself having to switch my phone half the time and avoiding all calls with a hidden caller ID. but at least instead of beating myself over it I can about it, which is an improvement….right?