A rant disguised as an obligatory update

I have been quite a bad boy lately, I forgot that I had a blog. No really, “I literally went, Oh shit! I’ve only updated my blog twice this month” this morning. But can anyone blame me though? I mean, this blog is supposed to be about me and my ordinary life right? and when nothing really happens how am I supposed to update it? at any rate, life has been quite chilled, that’s a nicer way of saying monotonous if you haven’t caught on. It’s so bad that I spend most of my days in my boxers, eating milk and cookies, watching Al Jazeera and getting depressed at the shit that’s going on in Haiti. None of the companies I applied for bothered to call me, the two that I had interviews with also didn’t see the need to call and say hi AQUILOGY, we regret to tell you that you didn’t get the job or some such pretense, it would have been better than sitting and waiting for their calls for two effin’ weeks one minute you accept that you didn’t get it and the next you are on some wishful thinking tip trying to convince yourself that maybe something happened and they’ll call once they sort that out. pfft. but I’m not mad though, you really can’t expect much from corporation.

The people I’m really mad at are the people I hold dear to my heart, I was a weird kid who learned very early not to give a standing, walking or flying fuck what people think about him. I could give a rat’s ass what some bum thinks about me, If I don’t care about them, I don’t care what they say or think about me but, surprisingly, I do care what you guys think and say about me and if what I’ve been hearing and picking up upon is true then I’m really disappointed and hurt. It’s a pity I have a tendency to avoid confrontation, I would have torn you guys a new one.