Some random thoughts

  • If you’re smart enough then you would have probably figured this out by now: I can’t afford regularly talking shit on three different blogs, so this little space I have here will be the outlet creative outlet I have. That means no more pissing people off over at PoliTrick or Treat which in turn means I’ll no longer have copy and paste stuff to post over at Umshini wam‘. Unlike my previous blogs, I won’t delete any of ’em, I’ll keep them up for posterity And I’ll probably resurrect them when I can afford to get a more decent Internet connection that the shit I’m currently using or when someone says something ostensibly racist.
  • Not having much to do, I’ve been reading a lot of people’s blog post and being January and all, most of them were about resolutions/ ways to do things differently this year etc. And I’ve noticed that most of them keep talking about getting rid of toxic people, evaluating circles etc. The whole thing doesn’t really sit well with me, maybe I’m just naive but I don’t base my friendships on personal benefits, what’s in it for me or something similar to that line. Granted, I only have have about six people I can honestly friends and a million acquaintances but still, I will never shun someone ’cause their are going through dark days and hanging out with them is taxing. I have a friend who’s been unemployed for close to two years now and is wondering whether he’ll ever get a job anytime soon, every time I speak to him he keeps going on about how life is unfair and how he can’t catch a break, he used to be the most motivated person I know but he’s going through some stuff at the moment, am I supposed to shun him ’cause he’s now a very “negative person”? Cutting people off because they don’t “add value on your life” just sounds a little cold.
  • Every guy knows about the unpleasant things about women guys talk about when they are by themselves, you know, the usual, how they can’t trust women, how women are materialistic snakes etc. I’m usually one of the few who calls the bullshit on such talk, you don’t have to be a feminist to know how wrong it is to generalize on women like that. A friend was telling me about this girl who had a job in Cape Town, she had a relationship with a colleague and when the colleague moved to Jo’burg he asked her to move there with him, that he has already found her a job etc. She believed him, left her job and moved to Jo’burg but when she moved here, she found out that the guy was lying about everything: there was no job for here plus the guy was married. Now the girl is struggling to make ends meet ’cause the only employment she can get are casual employment at retail stores. First thoughts that ran through my head when I said this was “What a dumb and naive girl” and not “What an evil bastard that guy is“. Hmm.. Seems I’m not that much different from my chauvinist friends.