I’m back like ass crack!

I could’ve written this post way earlier but summer has been treating me well and I didn’t have the patience to blog on a slow GSM network. Like I said, I had an amazing summer, last time I enjoyed my summer so much was way back in 2003. I visited my friend in Bloemfontein and all I have to say is the people in Bloem are crazy, life is one long weekend over there, party all the damn time is their motto. Had a fab time, I manage to do the impossible this past December, travel and enjoy myself with people I love dearly on a non-existant bank balance, goes to show how overrated money is (or at least that what I’d like to think). Granted, summer isn’t quite over yet, there’s still like what, a month and a half and anything can happen but still, made so many good memories and I’m quite thankful that at least I got to spend the last month of an ultra shitty year on a high note.

It’s the first week of a totally new year, I’m not a big fan of new year’s resolutions, didn’t even bother coming up with them. The only thing I decided on doing was to take a break from alcohol consumption for at least three months and so far it’s proving to be a mammoth task. I don’t know what surprises have in store for but I know for fact that this year is going to be different, for starters, I won’t be going back to campus, don’t have enough funds to finally finish the B tech degree that I was supposed to finish last year. Which in turn means I’ll be blogging less this year, I no longer have the luxury of abusing the UJ network as payback for all the times they fucked with my and my friends’ future lol. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck with my job search ’cause all niggardly shit is starting to get tiring, I almost forgot how shitty it is to borrow money from someone, two years ago I had absolutely no problem with it, I guess the older you get the more humiliating brokeness feels.

Anyhoo, there are a few people that I would love to change about myself, two actually. The first being my laziness, I have become one lazy ass bastard. For some odd I have developed quite a disgusting arvesion to work, it is very bad. I have become so used to spending time doing nothing when I have shit to do, It’s gotten so bad that I would wake up, leave my bed undone make breakfast and spend the day watching shitty television programmes the whole day, only getting up from the couch to go to the toilet or make something to eat (The mystery of the ever expanding beer belly is finally solved). I will be cutting back on the time I spend on the internets, on the couch watching Television or just lying around listening to music, I’ll spend most of my time doing things that need to be done, like improving my job hunting skills and making sure past flames don’t get hold of my phone numbers (Don’t ask). The second thing I would like to change is my selfishness. If they are nice people reading this, y’all already know how people can’t help but take advantage of nice people. I was tired of being taken advantage of and I decided to start being very selfish, to think only of myself. I realize now how wrong I was at handling the situation the way I did. It’s best to grow a spine and continue being nice than to allow other people to turn you into an inconsiderate ass, It’s best to treat people the way I want them to treat me. If everybody went about things this way, the world would be a much better place.

I will stop writing any further. I’ve already said a mouthful. I wish everybody reading this a great and blessing filled 2010. Go out there and kick ass.



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