When all else fails, do some hoe sh!t

Campus square is probably one of my least favourite places in Johannesburg, I’d rather withstand a torturous walk in crowded Smal street during the festive season or risk having a fridge fall on me in Hillbrow on new year’s eve than spend a day at Campus square.

This Monday I went to the main campus, I was supposed to meet someone from High School, he wants us to plan a Thomas Mofolo high class of ’04 reunion, apparently I’m the only person who has managed to stay in touch with most of my high school class mate *kanye shrugs*. Anyhoo, we didn’t get a chance to meet and since I’ve wanting to switch networks for a while now, I decided to go to the vodashop at Campus for assistance (which turned out to be an epic fail but more on that later). I noticed that there was something missing there, a constant feature that was somehow absent, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it and then it hit me! Exams were over and almost everyone had left campus and as a results, campus square wasn’t infested with those rich old married men on the look out for some young and naive first years to sleep with. I realized what it was about campus square that didn’t sit well with me, it’s the predator-prey dynamics that go on there for most of the year. Girls fresh outta High school adorn themselves with provocative clothing, hoping to bag themselves a rich 40 something that might give them AIDS, Old Men sitting in the smoking section of News cafe drinking, always on the look out for their next victim. It’s sickening.

I often wonder why these girls sell themselves so cheaply, they risk getting all types of diseases from these men who are, if that Special Assignment episode is to be believed, probably preying from other campuses and Universities. They risk it all in exchange for what? money to maintain those ridiculous looking synthetic weaves? pfft. I guess I’ll never understand these young girls and sugar daddies relationship but I can’t help but feel that there’s something wrong with a society where this sort of shit is common.