The obligatory "lessons learned" post ’09

This is an ’09 version of the post I made last year, minus the emo bullshit. It’s kinda hard listing the things you’ve learned in the shittiest year of your life without going emo, but I’ll try.
So, without wasting anymore of your time, here are the things I’ve learned this year:
  1. Perception>reality

At the risk of sounding like those ever positive douche nozzles, one’s outlook on life determines one’s enjoyment of life. It’s a very old and simple concept. If you view the world through shit stained glasses (like yours truly) then life will probably one shit stained box of shit stained chocolates. I’m trying (and often to stop being so darn negative all the time, I realized how short life is after my granpops and a friend of mine who passed away this Saturday, Life is God’s gift to us and wasting it feeling like we’ve been dealt a short hand, how life is unfair etc is bitch made.

2. If these walls could talk, they’ll probably still ignore me

Being unable to withstand spending prolonged time by my lonesome is a testament to how I’m slowly becoming an old heard. When I was younger, being alone didn’t bother me that much but nowadays it’s a totally different story. Spending time alone or as ladies like to put it, spending some “me time” is torturous. I remember being a youngin, I would waste time concentrating on a dust particle, intensely staring at it, watching it float through the air etc. I still do that sometimes but not as much as before, people might think I’m crazy, although most of them already think I am. I don’t like spending too much time alone, It’s one of the things I’ll be avoiding in 2010

3. Getting screwed over isn’t as bad as it seems

Either that or I’ve been screwed over so much that I’ve gotten used to it. Whenever someone else’s fuck up end up affecting you badly, most people would want to go apeshit on the perpetrator. I’m different, I usually let it slide. It seems, letting shit slide has been my forte as of late and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. This has been a year of the fuck ups, and I’ve been fucked over so many times, I stopped counting in March. Each time I got screwed over, I didn’t do anything about it, I let shit slide. This is not good, I’m gonna have to learn to “Stand up” for myself or learn to use my weight to my advantage and start throwing people down and sitting on their chest. That’ll teach them.

4. Jogging is overrated

That’s my number one excuse for not doing it. I don’t like Jogging as much as I did when I was in High school, I should try something else to keep fit, if melanin and water wasn’t such a dangerous combination I would try swimming, I kid, I kid. I really want to get fit again but jogging doesn’t seem to be the right way for me to do so.

5. I’m the undisputed king…. of pulling shit out of my ass

How else would you explain this post and half the shit I wrote this year lol.

[Aside: I curse way too much, I need to cut that shit down]