I got no beef with Animal Rights activists

A couple of guys support your cause ladies, but not for the reason you think. Natch.

I just wanted to apologize for my last post, I was directing my beef towards a wrong group of people. I already had my episode with vegans, I don’t want another one. With regards to my last post about Ukweshwama ceremony, I might have not worded the post correctly and for that my dear animal loving friends, I apologize. I have no beef with animal rights activists, Animal Rights Africa have every right to fight for whatever cause they feel like. I might not agree with what their doing but I have no right to tell people what cause they should be for. So if you’re an animal rights activist and you’re against the Ukweshwama ceremony, I have nothing bad to say about you. Keep on doing whatever the hell you’re doing, Just tone down on your epic douchebaggery.

On the other hand, if you’re not a vegan, animal rights activist or whatever. If, like many of us, you’re a unrepentant meat eater and you’re against the Ukweshwama ceremony because it’s violent and cruel, then you’re a disgusting self-righteous hypocrite, pretending you care about the welfare of animals whilst supporting an industry that breeds animal for slaughter. I have a few three word sentences for you lot:

What the fuck?!?

Are you crazy?

fuck off please!

Kill Your self!

No, really. Die!

That was my requisite rant for the day. Thanks for your time.


5 thoughts on “I got no beef with Animal Rights activists

  1. I eat meat… but I still think cruelty to animals is bad. I don't think there is anything too wrong with eating animals (animals eat animals, after all…). But purposefully tormenting animals? No, thats not okay.

  2. Ja, so where I can I buy free range or halaal (someone once told me the requirements for meat to be halaal mean that the animal is treated better.)Also, maybe I'm kidding myself, but I don't think the SA meat industry is as dramatically evil as that factory farming that goes on in more industrialised countries. Where chicken's are kept eight million in a small shed and have their beaks cut off so they can't peck each other to death in the close conditions etc etc.Someone wrote a Thoughtleader blog about a similar subject a while back, saying his family owned a farm and the animals were treated pretty well. And when I think of people I know in farming (like Ostrich farmers in our area), the animals aren't treated cruelly…I think as meat eaters we do have the responsibility to ensure that we aren't supporting cruel treatment of animals, for sure. Which is a responsibility we don't really take up enough (me too).

  3. ^^^You're right, We don't take up enough responsibility. I hardly know were half the food I eat comes from.

  4. I see you are putting out the same crap as you did on blat.What is your problem that you cant discuss things without telling someone to fuck off and various other small sentances.As I said before look to make a future and stop blaming whites for your inadiquacies.You voted the government in, dont whine like a baby, vote for someone that can fix your problems.Thats Democracy,this is Autocracy.

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