Animal rights activists tell Zulus to eat a Dick

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Animal rights activists have a tendency to be utter douchebags (No offense just in case). A month or two ago the interwebs went bananas over  “The Cove” a documentary that supposedly tries to expose Japanese tradition of hunting dolphins to the world. I remember watching the news clip on Al Jazeera and thinking, what the fuck is up with westerners trying to tell other people what they should or should do? and when Louie Psihoyos, The director of the documentary made this comment i couldn’t help but roll my eyes:

“I felt that it was really important to get the film out here to make a stand, not to be safe in America but to risk everything to come here to show the film to the Japanese people,” he told a news conference.

“I really feel like… if this movie gets seen in Japan, it will be a huge win for the Japanese people and it will be a huge win for dolphins and the environmental movements.

I find it amusing that someone would have the audacity to think that, just because western folk watched flipper or whatever that movie with the killer whale was called and have affection for cute looking sea mammals, that the whole world is supposed to feel the same. You don’t see Hindu folk trying to tell the whole world not to eat beef.

And now once again, Animal Rights activists are at it again. Telling people that their religious practices are inhumane and cruel. Doloqima Ukweshwama, A traditional Zulu thanksgiving ceremony held before harvesting of crops, has been in the news for a while now. An organization called Animal Rights Africa Took Zulu King, and the KZN premier to court over the matter. They are trying to stop the ceremony from taking place because the Bull is slaughtered by bare hands and this they say, ’causes tremendous pain to the animal and is tantamount to torture. The judge is supposed to give “Judgement” on the case this Friday. I just find it perplexing that the rights of a bull could be placed above the religous rights of an entire Zulu nation.

[check it: Polity-Bull Killing Judgement on friday]


8 thoughts on “Animal rights activists tell Zulus to eat a Dick

  1. Religious rights??? It can only be devil worship that makes people commit such a cruel act on an innocent animal!

  2. you also clearly didn't see The Cove. It's not just about saving dolphins. Their meat is highly toxic. The local fisherman were selling the meat as Minke Whale meat and they were giving it away in schools. The film is statement about how were all connected. And the big issue is that the Japanese people don't know it's happening – they have a right to know and to make up their own mind.

  3. ^^^You're right, I didn't see "The cove" but that doesn't change the fact that someone who isn't Japanese felt the need to educate Japanese folk about their own practices under the assumption that they "didn't know it was happening". Toxic or not, Japanese folk have every right to eat whatever delicacy they feel like.

  4. The name of the movie with the orca is Free Willy.But, yeah, you didn't see The Cove: they really don't know that dolphin slaughters happen (as their meat is falsely labelled as whale meat) and they really don't know how toxic this meat is. It contains high level of mercury – a fact that has been hidden by the government and medias for decades.Really, you should see The Cove. It's an excellent documentary which won a lot of awards in different film festivals by the way.

  5. So your saying that if it is ok to torture an animal to death because of "religion" (let us not forget how many Jews were tortured by christians because the did not have the same religious views!) then it is ok to kill as a satanist… because satanism is a cannot say that it is ok just because it is someones religion, i think there have been one too many instances in this world which would prove that religion does not mean that the practices should be legal. I think you should be less closed minded and try to think of the bigger picture.People would not be so upset about this if there was not something wrong with it.

  6. ^^^ If being open-minded means equating/comparing animal sacrifice with genocide, then I'm fine the way I R

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