What can we say…It’s family

I met up with my all my crazy relatives this weekend, although we met under sad circumstances, It was nice seeing them again. I hadn’t seen most of them since 2005, It was saddening seeing most of them grieving the loss of Granddad.

On our back from the cemetery, I got a chance to speak with my favourite cousin , we spoke about many things, I asked him about the that incident two months ago were the whole community almost beat him to death, he explained everything to me and should me all the scars he got from the incident. I asked him about his drug problem, and according to him, besides weed, he hasn’t touched drugs in almost a year. I believed him, it seems I’m the only person in the family who still believes him but I don’t have any reason not to, he hasn’t done anything to me to warrant my distrust. Our conversation quickly turned to the shit we used to do during my visit to the rural part of Qwa Qwa in the epic summer of 2003, he gave me an update on all the people I befriended while I was there, a few of them have more than three babies and all the girls I used to fuck with are married and what even weird is that they keep asking him about me. I must have made quiet an impression on ’em. We laughed about that rainy night when we sneaked out of the house and locked ourselves in the outside store room, he rolled a fat blunt (Bomb Zol if your live in SA) and we smoked it, we’ll he smoked it, I tried one puff and had what I can describe as an asthma attack, that was the first and last time I tried smoking the herb. Thank god.

I spoke with my uncles, life hasn’t been that good to them from the looks of things. They looked ten years older than they did when I last spoke to them about three to four years ago. Asked me how things are going with my studies, asked me if the people in Port Elizabeth have contacted me etc. My Aunties went on and on about how they missed my sister and I, why haven’t we kept contact and so on and so forth. They made me promise them that I’d visit them this December, So it seems my plans of partying non stop this Summer will be placed on hold.

I missed them, looking forward to seeing them more often from now on ’cause it just isn’t right only seeing each other when someone dies.