Sh!t on my mind Vol 37

  • This week a few scholarships and internship opportunities have presented themselves to me. I hadn’t checked my student mail inbox in about two months, the only reason I checked my student inbox was for job hunting purposes and since most of the companies have already selected their candidates, I thought to myself, why bother. I checked my e-mails to see if the faculty hasn’t found a new way to fuck the students over and to my surprise a few relatively unknown companies are still searching for graduates and one is offering scholarships for next year. I initially wanted to have a job and finish my degree part time but since some idiot decided to can afternoon part-time lectures, that might not be a good idea. Since I’m hardly the person to have a plan in life, I’ll apply to both the internships and the scholarship. I’ll do whichever one takes me first. You would think that after this shitty year, I’d learn to plan things instead of going with the wind. pfft.
  • Speaking of shitty years, This year is almost over and I’m so glad it is. Like every other year, I had planned to get stooopid this December but from the looks of things, It’s gonna be a chilled out Dizzy Tyd. No partying for me, I’ll probably watch cricket ’til 2010.
  • This weekend I’ll be visiting my friend in Bloemfontein over the weekend. His little brother is writing his final Grade 12 exam paper today and I’ll be going with him to bloem to celebrate his “coming of age”. I won’t be leaving my food unattended in the company of white boys that’s for sure.
  • Still don’t have the strength to update PoliTrick or Treat
  • After having to endure family member after family member commenting about my ever-expanding waistline, I’m going to start an exercise regime. I’m planning on giving jogging another shot this evening.