Black people hate OMO

They really don’t hate OMO but now that I got your attention, we can all get down to business.

A month ago, I got an invite to join one of these shady ass facebook group that are down right pathetic, the one that I got was called (and I kid you not) “To hell with OMO and their competition, black people only win R10 000” or some such bull shit. I had forgotten about the group until I read yesterdays Citypress and lo and behold some douchebag actually complained about the OMO ads:

THE Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASASA) is investigating the Omo door-to-door competition after receiving complaints that it promotes racism.

Viewers of SABC1 and Facebookers say the competition, which runs during the screening of popular soapie Generations, encourages racism and promotes stereotypes about black people. They say black women are shown washing shirts by hand while white women use washing machines.

They also allege that the first white woman to win the competition bagged R50 000 in school bursaries while a previous black woman winner got only R10 000.

City Press readers have also complained about the competition. One reader has vowed never to buy the product “in protest at its racial discrimination”.

In the advert for the competition presenter Nkanyiso Bhengu pitches up at houses around the country and asks if the women have Omo in their homes. If they have they are invited to wash a shirt. They then peel back the collar, revealing the prize.

Corné Koch, communications manager for ASASA, says they have received complaints about the advertisement and are assessing their validity and whether or not the matter falls in the jurisdiction of ASASA.


“It should be noted that ASASA can only rule on the content of an advertisement and not comment on how the competition is being managed,” says Koch. – Jacked from here


Before I go any further, I think it’s important to note that one of my favourite pastimes is to spot a racial stereotype in advertisments. The fact that the same racial stereotypes that were used to justify the oppression of one racial group are being recycled and used to sell products to the same racial group that was oppressed is sickening and the fact that nobody says anything about it is even more troublesome. In South Africa products that are targetted to the so called “lower LSM” working class township blacks always seem egregiously come up with the most ridiculous ads. I understand that in advertising, you have to fit people in these neat little boxes but can’t anybody come up with ads that don’t paint black people as buffoons? I live in the townships, 80% of people I know are supposed to be the target market to these product and yet in my 22 years of existance I have yet to meet someone who screams at the top of her lungs on the phone shouting: “Makhe!, have you heaaaaard!! you can now talk for freeeeee on weeeeeeeeekeeeeeends!!!!!” like that lady on the Cell C ad, The black township dwellers that I hang out with don’t Shout “it’s unbelievaaable” whenever they eat chips that have been sprinkled with Aromat and honestly MTN, black people stopped saying Ayoba four years ago so you can take you free calls and shove it up your corporate arse. It’s sad that this is the perception the black middle class/ white ad executives have of the so called “lower LSM” blacks. Pardon my digression, this post is supposed to be about the OMO ad in question. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with this ad, so what if the black people wash their clothes by hand in them? Out of all the ads that are infested with racial stereotypes why is everyone so worked up about this one? because a white person won R50000 and not a black person? pfft. Where were all these people when OMO ran probably the most racially troublesome ad ever? you know, the one with all those black and white kids playing soccer on a muddy field, while their black and white mother watch the game but at the end of the game, it’s only the black mothers who are left to wash all those muddy socks. hmm.

People should stop complaining and join my boycott of KFC After the jump is a montage of more racist commercials, enjoy…


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  1. Mr. Aquilar
    I agree as I indicated before about the frinsco advert and the coca cola advert. We must spread the word and fight this stereotypical. Bt my question is one:

  2. My question to you sir its: Why do black people or African people allow themselves to be used in this adverts, r they that dumb enough or just plain ignorant to see that this adverts are insults to the black community?

    1. They’re actors, that’s what they get paid to do. If their conscience allows it, then there’s nothing else you and I can do.

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