Favourite albums ’09

I won’t pretend like I know about music and this shouldn’t be confused with music writing. This is Just the top five album that I enjoyed, No criteria was used  whatsoever. Little commentary shall be used ’cause I’m not qualified to write about music. So  without further ado, I now present: AQUILOGY’s five favourite albums for the year 2009
5. Reks- More grey hairs
Boom baps + razor sharp lyrics = win
Best tracks: “Killaz on wax”, “System”, “Dear winter”

Mr Lif- I hear it today
I admit it, I’m a Lif fanboy, His nasal flow, Socially conscious rhymes is my shit. Like most people, I didn’t like this album when I first heard it. The production wasn’t what I was used to, I was used to hearing Lif flow on a beat by El-Producto. Lif is a cerebral emcee, Socially aware and this album delivers. The concept of this album, from what I understand, is  about a guy commenting on news as he watches it. He tackles issues that were relevant when he recorded the project. From the bad state of the economy:

Is this in our best interest/To infest the world with stress/Just so you can dress best/I guess you answered yes/… from -“what about us”

Police brutality (Sean Bell verdict)

They viewing us as three-fifths human so they guns booming/ Death is glooming ain’t no punishment pursuing/ Them cops got off scot free, it doesn’t shock me/ Until they use their Taser to shock me/ They use Freeze Plus to seize us/ Dogs and leave us is dark alleys/ Protest they beat you with balies/ Families don’t recover/ From the loss of a brother/ Mother, sister or father/ It’s outright slaughter/…-Gunfight

The housing crisis

ey were willing to give people with bad credit loans/ ‘Cause they knew within a few years, we’re out of our homes/ And they could buy up all the same properties they sold us/ For the wealthy and maniacal, the shit was a gold rush/ -from the title track “what about us?”

The album is just too dope, there’s also an amusing Anti-Obama song in there.
Best tracks: “Breathe”, “Collapse the walls”, “Gunfight”
3. Fashawn- Boy Meets world
Ever listened to an album with mild skepticism, trying to find fault or hate on it because everybody else seems to think it’s the best thing ever? This is what happened last week when I listened to this album last week. Rarely does it happen that I consider an album that was recently released as my favourite, I allow an album atleast a month before I form an opinion on it but this ish right here is a gem. Everybody on the Internets is right, Exile is a beast, his cinematic production is stellar. From the get go Fashawn bursts out sickly lyrics:

“When I ride the drums I outshine the sun/brainstorm, I provide the floods/I can turn a whole metropolis to a peninsula/Ink pen emperor slang remain infinite/I came to re-arrange the game from all angles/Paid my dues, made my move to Lost Angels/Rock like Aesop, sound like fables/Kerosene flow melt microphone cables.”

The album is beautiful narration of the trials and tribulation of growing as told by a young emcee who grew up in a group shelter ’cause his pops was gone and his moms was a crack addict. Give it a listen when you have a chance.
Best tracks: “The ecology” “Hey young world” “Samsonite man”
2. Doom- Born like this
To this day my friends can’t seem to understand why I would listen to 40 something year old guy, who wears a metal mask and raps as these weird monikers, from a three headed monster (King Geedorah) to young aspiring villain (Viktor Vaughn). After a three year break he decided to release this album and I was a little disappointed when I heard it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good but when compared to most of his discography this was lacklustre. As a person who enjoyed DOOM’s weird cartoon montages that are scarily racist and homophobic (Think “one smart nigger”), I was kinda disappointed that there weren’t any here.  The fact that he sounded like he had dumbed down his abstract lyrics didn’t sit very well with (Maybe he’s just getting old) and the album is only 40 minutes long. But still DOOM did spit it raw on this album, I had goosebumps when I first heard the line “Once sold a inbred skinhead a nigga joke/ Plus a brand new chrome smokin’ with the triggers broke” and “They screamin for attention/ Deemin’ at the mention of a scary demon convention/ You could cut the tension wit a switchblade/ And serve it on a same plate of hors d’oeuvres a witch made” All in all a great album.
Best tracks: “Microwave mayonnaise” “More rhymin'” “Ballskin”
1. Mos Def- The ecstatic
We thought we had lost him forever to acting, his last album was a mess, a case of someone trying to be overly creative, everybody thought it was gabarge and me being a fan of Mos Def’s work couldn’t really think up a defense for it, but I have to say, he redeemed himself here. I’ve been waiting for it since he released that blog widget for the lead title “Life in marvelous times”, when it leaked and I got e-mailed the link to the leak I resisted. I wanted to do the decent thing for once and actually purchase a physical disc but the forces were against me. After searching for two weeks for this album I finally gave up and stole myself a .rar file of it. He raps well, Madlib’s bollywood inspired samples are out of this world. There’s nothing more I can add here, this album is nails!
Best tracks: “Pistola” “Auditorium” “The embassy”


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