One shady librarian

Out of the numerous pet hates I’ve accumulated through the years the one that sticks out the most is not being able to finish a book I was reading. Reading a book is quiet time consuming, especially when you have the habit of channel surfing the whole day, being able to get to the end though makes sacrificing the time you usually spend letting the idiot box fry your brain cells worth it and when someone takes that away from you, it makes feel like committing a heinous crime against them. I haven’t owned a book myself, this might sound odd but I find them expensive, ironically though, the money I spend on drinks could afford me at least two books a month. weird. Anyway, since this might be my last year at the University of Johannesburg, I made a resolve to (ab)use as much of their resources as I can, you know, as payback for all those times they made me wipe my ass with paper from my notepad ’cause somebody forgot to put toilet paper in the toilet booths for the whole semester or recently when some administrative fuck up caused a delay in my graduation for six months.

Y’all already about my habit of utilizing the campus network to steal food from struggling independent musicians’ mouth, I also have a *cough, cough* commendable habit of taking out a book a month from the campus library. I started this June this year and so far I’ve read four great books thus far (It should be five, I know), the last book I read was a memoir by famous Nigerian Author/ activist Wole Soyinka You must set forth at dawn I enjoyed it so much that I took out another book by his (Isara, which I’m not quite enjoying but that’s a story for another post), the librarian noticed that I’m taking out a book by the same Author and asked me if his writing was that good, I told her that I quite enjoyed the book that I’d just returned and I’m just checking out his other works. She then proceeded to show me the book I’d just returned, saying how it looked interesting enough and she’s putting it aside to check it out. Fair enough, I told her that she won’t be disappointed. Fast forward two weeks later, I log into my Library account tried to renew my book loan and the request was denied because someone had requested it. I started getting suspicious ’cause this book has been lying on the library shelf since they ordered it in 2007, what are the chances that someone would suddenly want to check it out? My suspicions are, the librarian read You must set forth at dawn, enjoyed it like I did and requested the one I was currently reading. If that’s the case then she’s very inconsiderate and selfish, Wole Soyinka’s whole bibliography is available why on earth would she want the book I’m reading, that i haven’t finished when she could easily pick the other. I guess I shouldn’t complain about a library item. I’m thinking of reading the 100 pages that I have left before the end of the day ’cause it’s due today. I need to start buying my own books, booze can wait.


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  1. Wole Soyinke is an awesome writer, I read Ake, which I think is the first part of his biography, he adds so much fantasy and beauty into his writing.

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