I hate to say I told you so…….

……..but i told you! lol.
Children, daddy hasn’t abandoned you, he’s just been busy………. busy being called a racist on twitter for wishing the owner of that hateful website ZAsucks the pleasure of being anally raped (I watched too much Boondocks, I couldn’t help).Ha! Anyhoo back to the topic at hand, Remember back in the days when I used to update this blog regularly, I said everybody has somehow ingested the Zuma juice overnight and they can’t help but sing praises to him? We’ll guess what? The potency of the Kool-Aid hasn’t worn off ’cause last night President Jacob Zuma was awarded “African president of the year 2009” HA! [Check it: Zuma chosen as Africa’s finest]


And in other news, that racist site South Africa Sucks is finally shutting down, I usually don’t link to racist sites but I’ll make an exception this time: [check it: The end of the road for South Africa Sucks]