Random ish on my mind

  • This has got to be the grumpiest I’ve felt in ages. I’m like a volcano ready to erupt at the slightest provocation. I tend to avoid as much people as I can when I’m feeling like this but it isn’t easy, seeing that we are less than two weeks from the month of requisite debauchery. Everybody is in such a bloody chirpy mood, excited about bonuses and holidays, I just feel like punching someone.
  • The little money that I saved to sustain myself during my self-imposed period of unemployment is running, regardless of how grumpy I am, I’m not willing to spend December too broke to afford booze. I was searching those shady ass recruitment sites for part time employment and Disappointingly, (depending on which side of the gender spectrum one falls on) the first five pages of results were either 1) Asking me to be a surrogate mother 2) Asking me to donate some eggs 3) Modelling. I don’t have a uterus or ovaries so, umm…. I wasn’t really qualified to apply for those jobs and unless they are selling weight loss products and in need for “before” models, I don’t think I’m qualified for those modelling gigs either. On the real though, not to sound Judgemental or anything but the thought of people pimping their ovaries or uteri doesn’t sit well with me. If you are willing to donate an egg or be a surrogate mother then it’s fine but to get paid for sound a little sickish. I don’t know.
  • I’ve been putting off Jogging again, I tried going a couple of weeks ago but when my knees started to feel pain, I stopped. My knee injury sorted itself out a while ago, I’ve been meaning to give it a second attempt but my desire to sleep ’til 30 minutes before my train leaves is more powerful than my desire to regain my fitness. The beer belly stays winning.
  • The reason I haven’t been updated my other blog lately is quite simple really, I’m too mentally exhausted to swim through South African media’s bullshit to in search of a blog post, reading through the vile that pass off as news nowadays is tiring. Maybe once I can get my mind to work right again, I’ll have the necessary strength to read the newspapers without getting worked up over some BS.
  • Speaking of BS, I’m kinda twitter fatigued at the moment. There was a time when a day wouldn’t pass without me getting a fix of that twitter crack but now that everybody is into the whole annoying #asininetwittermemes, desperately trying to get their dumb meme to the top of the ever annoying “trending topic” list. I’m not in the business of telling people what to tweet but when I find that I missed an important link or somebody might have said something of value and I didn’t catch it ’cause a group of people were busy cluttering up my twitter stream with #thingsdarkiessay I get annoyed.
  • While we are on the topic of getting annoyed, I’m annoyed with MTN. There hasn’t been any data coverage at home for more than three weeks now. I bought a data bundle and I’m angry that I can’t use it because there’s no coverage, what pisses me off is whenever I call them to complain I’m told that the problem is my phone, when I mention that none of the phones can actually connect to GPRS they say it must be a temporary network problem the technicians are probably working on the cheap servers. Oh really, 3 weeks is the new definition of a temporary problem? pfft! On the 9th my data bundle will expire and when that happens I’m doing what I should have done two years ago when my airtime balance would miraculously disappear overnight, I’m switching to Vodacom.