Fatherhood is the new cool

I have recently noticed something disturbing just from reading status updates on facebook. It started way back but it wasn’t as out of control as it is now. This might seem like an exxegeration but A week doesn’t pass without someone saying it on their status update. What exactly is it that I’m talking about? Nothing major, Just some under-25 douchebag telling the whole world on facebook about how much they want to have a baby. Not to sound judgemental or holier-than-thou but what on earth could make a boy who doesn’t have a job, who still staying at Res or their parents’ house think that their are responsible for bringing a life into this world. I find it strange that it’s always the guys who say this, never the ladies, even though in most cases the lady is the person who’ll be responsible for taking care of the child and the only contribution the guy will make is visit once in while and send 1 % of his beer budget. And the casual way they say it is appaling; “I’m 22 now, time to have a son” *sigh*

I’m usually labeled as old fashioned when I point out that the best way to bring a child into this world is when there’s already a mother and a father living in the same house, intentionally making babies with someone you’re not commited to is foolish. I have a couple of friends who had a baby with someone and then the relationship ended a few months later and now they find themselves having to go through other shit, like the babies mother refusing to let them see the baby, trying to use the baby to get him to get back with her etc. I’d rather be old fashioned than go through that shit. If the bulk of guys my age think it’s cool to have babies when they aren’t even responsible enough to not drink and drive then I fear the future.

[Aside: My habit of jacking images from the net that might or might not be subject to copyright made me discover the website the picture used in this post was stolen from. It’s a great initiative called African Fathers and everybody should check it out.]