Recent study suggets that Cape Town is racist

The internets are buzzing with a recently released study suggesting that the City that’s been hailed as more European than African, Cape Town, is Racist ass f**k. I’m in lazy mode, so I’ll quote the article without comment, like I do most of the time: 

In employee interviews, the researchers found “a broad consensus that Cape Town is hostile to African people” particularly when compared to Johannesburg.

“It’s like I have moved 10 or 20 years back,” one of the employees said. “Joburg is like so far and Cape Town is so very backward. What I always ask myself, where do the black people work in the Western Cape? I don’t see them. You walk in the malls, you walk in the store. It’s either coloured or white people. Where are the black people? How do they pay their bills, what are they eating?”.

Surtee and Hall reported “marked antagonism” toward coloured employees. “Rather than finding common cause with those who were also victims of discrimination … many African people interviewed feel that coloured people are their competitors by virtue of race.”

Cape Town was “isolating” to those without family or established networks, employees said.

“I would like to hang out with more Capetonians, but they are funny characters. They live in an environment that is peaceful that allows you to be on your own … It’s just Table Mountain and the sea. Joburg has ubuntu,” said one.

The situation was worse for black women, the researchers said. “African women are always doubly disadvantaged, having to contend with both race and gender discrimination in their career tracks.”

Capetonians might want to defend their city, without resorting to boderline bigotted antics the commenters of the article did [check it: Cape Town a racist city-study]