Random stuff on my mind

  • Ever had the urge to write about an awesome and possibly life altering experience you’ve just had but you had to restrain yourself because matters have not been finalized? That’s what is exactly happening to me, I’ve had a bittersweet week. Had two first time experiences but I can’t share it with y’all until next week.
  • Ever had the feeling that you’ve just wasted four months of your life? I decided to not submit my final design report tomorrow. I’ve gotten away with procrastinating my whole life, it was just a matter of time before procrastinating burned me. I realized that I won’t be able to finish it in time and I stopped. looking forward to seeing a zero mark reflect on my academic record.
  • Ever had the feeling that a group of people are mad at you for no reason? actually, they’re mad at you for something you said on facebook, which is ironic ’cause I’ve made it clear that about 95% of things i say on my status updates shouldn’t be taken seriously, I’m notorious for talking shit on facebook but some asshats are way too oversensitive, sending me countless angry messages.pfft.
  • Ever had the feeling that you might be over using the phrase “Ever had the feeling”?  um……….Never mind!