It’s official, I’m Andile Mngxitama’s groupie

I’ve already stated before on my twitter stream, This blog and wherever I have the chance that Andile Mngxitama is fast becoming my favourite columnist. I used to read every article he wrote on the City Press on Sundays and now I find myself heading over to the columnists section of the sowetan to see if he’s updated his columns. He’s somewhat different to other columnists in South Africa, most have a herd mentality, they seem to say the same thing everybody else is saying, few offer a different pesperctive. Andile on the other hand, says so many quotables in a single article that one can’t help being a groupie. His recent article says something I have discussed twice before, here and here, namely, the whole “let’s get tough on crimminals and shoot them dead” rhetoric that the main stream media seems to be agreeing with. I’ll just quote a few of the many lines on the said article:

…..“TWENTY robbers killed since last month”, reported the front pages of our papers in celebratory tones.

The people who snatch your cellphone, break into your car and house to steal, or rape children and women, are not those being killed……


……The socio-economic conditions of black people are breeding criminals at an alarming rate. If you change these conditions, half the battle will be won. What is going on right now is a mass murder of black men in the name of fighting crime.

To achieve this, our general fear of crime is being exploited to give government carte blanche to execute people without a trial…..


….The bill of rights guarantees everybody the right to life. This right has now become a joke like most fundamental rights in the Constitution. The guardians of our freedoms have been regaling us with terrifying tales of how Cape Judge President John Hlophe is a threat to the judiciary and democracy.

But they have been silent on these extra judicial murders. This silence shows the hypocrisy of liberals and exposes the fascist elements of liberal democracy.

Black lives don’t matter….

…..When the former chief of police Jackie Selebi was facing numerous allegations of criminal activity and the Polokwane ANC conference with all its political hazards, the police decided to give their chief a present.

They delivered 11 heads of black men on a silver platter. The media celebrated and the population felt safe for five minutes.

Now that’s real talk. Go read the whole article [Check it: “The state given a blank cheque to commit murders”, The sowetan]