The camera lens never lies

A few months ago I made a post bitching about my ever-expanding waistline. In that post I made a promise that I’ll be spending mosy of my time and energy getting rid of my legendary beer belly. I joined a body building club, lifted weights for about two weeks, I caught another flu virus, one of my worst. When the anti-biotics finally managed to kill most of my body’s intruders I was too exhausted to go back to lifting weights. A month or two later I moved back to my parents’  house and people I haven’t seen in a while were commenting about how much weight I’ve gained.I didn’t pay them any attention ’cause ever since puberty when i started blowing up people have been making similar comments. When I gained more weight in grade 12 people made the same ass coment. I lost a lot of weight from jogging daily in 2005 but i gained it all back plus some in 2006 (first year).
I got so used to hearing people telling me how much weight I’ve put on that it came to a point were I wasn’t really listening to them. They’d be like “Yoh! AQUILOGY, what the fuck have you been eating, you look twice as big as you were a week ago?” and my response would be  “yeah, whatever.” But this Sunday while I was transfering photos we took on Saturday during Ganyani’s launch from the camera to the PC I saw just how big I’ve gotten. It was shocking, I looked about twice as big as I was last year November.
I actually made a point of comparing the above photos with the ones I took during last year’s picnic at Abrahamsrust, Vaal. I’m now faced with the decision of whether I should give in and accept the inevitable, that I was made to be big like the rest of my family or do something about it, start an exercise regime and loose all the fat only to gain it back again when I’m stressed.