As we welcomed spring……

Every year around November me and my beer loving crew organize a picnic to a park and spend a day there enjoying each others’ company. This year we decided to break tradition and organized the picnic  during “Spring  weekend” (The first weekend in September). We usually go to a park in Little Falls, Rooderpoort and we had planned going there this time. We had planned on leaving for the park at about 10Am but you know us darkies and time, we ended up leaving  four hours later. Everybody was pissed at everybody for getting us late, our minibus was silent during our trip to the park . We got there at about two and we were told that the park was  closed for the day because DJ Ganyani was launching his new CD (which probably sucks), the park was closed but the golf course across the street wasn’t and we were told to go there. We get there and we meet bouncers telling us that entrance fee was R70 per head, we negotiated with them to reduce the price since we weren’t planning on attending the launch, they agreed but we still  payed four times the amount we would’ve paid  if  the launch wasn’t there. We get in the park and we find out that the stage was still being set up and we had to wait.  There are usually braaing spots  in the park but there was none in the golf course, so we begged someone to borrow us their gas BBQ stand and they agreed. Even though we were pissed off that our day wasn’t going according to  our plan we made the most of it. We talked and had semi-fun. We were still bored and everybody was still pissed at everyone, the Gas Stand was working well so we ended up eating half raw. 
We waited and waited for the show to start but nope, we had to wait a little more. We moved from the fringes of the golf course and moved closer to the stage. The show started at about 16h30 or so and even though I would like to complain, I can’t the unknown DJ who started the show played a mean set. In a short amount of time nobody was pissed off at anybody and we couldn’t help but dance… 
The amateur acts that were on stage weren’t half as bad, I’m lying they were terrible, the future of South Africa is bleak, people can’t really sing or The only reason we kept dancing was the A-A-A-A-A-Alcohol, if South African record companies want to sell more CD’s they must make sure that they come with atleast a bottle of 
More unknown DJ’s kept us dancing with their mean sets (which proves my point that House DJ’s killed kwaito, ever since DJ fresh release “fresh house flava vol 1” kwaito hasn’t been the same)
At about 19h00, washed up Kwaito start Surgeman of Izinyoka fame (Ironic considering he only came to the scene in 2005 and already he’s washed up) made it on stage and everybody ran towards the stage. He perfomed some kwaito track that I haven’t heard of but then again I’m not into Kwaito.

At about 21h00 they made an announcement that the main act DJ Ganyani was about to start his act in 30 minutes. We had promised some people who couldn’t make it that we’ll be having a braai back home, it was already late so we decided to leave. We paid so much money to get in and didn’t get to hear Ganyani play his set. We left home, had a braai, I broke someone’s heart and we slept at about 5 in the morning. The next morning I woke up and predictably, I was scoughing, weezing my nose was congested. I had flu again.