Random thoughts on my mind: Beltcon15 edition

The only blacks at the dinner table

Like I said four weeks ago, the faculty decided to sponsor five design III students to attend a conference by the International Materials Handling Conference better known as Beltcon. It was held at the Birchwood hotel and conference centre on the 2nd and 3rd this months. These are just some random thought about the two days there:

  • I was nervous about attending, the big names of the industry would be there but once I got there, my mojo got automatically turned on and everything was fine.
  • I’m not used  to these pretentious up market venues but I was perplexed about something at the venue maybe my posh readers would help me on this one. The organizers put Ice cubes in the urinals (no, seriously), what’s the purpose of putting Ice cubes in the urinals?
  • As expected, the bulk of the people attending were old white men, I think I made a comment on twitter about how old and white the jokes were.lol. The industry is in need of young people.
  • It was a dick affair with less than ten women in sight, there was so much testosterone that people didn’t think twice about farting in front of everybody and saying they were expressing themselves.
  • The papers presented were interesting, I wasn’t bored like I thought i would be. They made me realize that there’s so much to learn out there. I got back my passion for the engineering discipline. I might just go into the Bulk materials handling industry myself, fuck my dream of being part of a team that’ll make renewable energy at the forefront in South Africa.
  • It was nice and inspiring to see former students of the faculty, we spend lunch with one of them and the other one drove us to the taxi rank, seeing that we were the only pedestrians attending.lol. They were telling us that there’s so much out there for us, all we had to do was believe in ourselves. It was cheesy and inspiring at the same time.
  • I spoke to a few “big names” and two of ’em actually gave me their business cards, told me to send them my CV and who know, I just might work for them.
  • I enjoyed myself, it was an enlightening experience.

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts on my mind: Beltcon15 edition

  1. Sounds like the conferences I go to… millions of old white men, some medium white men, and a sprinkling of "other." Where I fall under "other."The ice cube thing is totally curious. I hope you find out. Maybe they were just trying to get rid of surplus ice…Yayi for you enjoying it 🙂

  2. Maybe they were just trying to get rid of surplus ice…^^^But they "refilled" the urinals everytime, it was as if they'd frozen the ice cubes specifically for that purpose. It was weird. I wanted to ask but i was too scared to.lol.

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