Random stuff on my mind

  • Once your brain has been programmed to do one thing, getting it to do another thing can be a hassle. I’m not used to having so much free time, I don’t know how to handle it. I end doing stuff that aren’t really that important and neglect stuff that I should be doing, like my design project. I’m six weeks behind on my project, if I fail it, I fail design regardless of my test scores.
  • I’ve never had trouble waking up, from as far as I can remember waking up has been a breeze. Nowadays though, ever since I came back home, I’m having trouble waking up before 8 am, during the first few weeks I couldn’t wake up before 9 am but I’m slowly trying to get myself to a point where i can wake up at 5 am, my normal time.
  • From the looks of things, I might be relocating again. All posts that I’ve applied would require me to relocate, probably to the Eastern Cape or North West. Unlike last year, I’m not as nervous about the thought of relocating, I guess that means I’m growing up.
  • Speaking of Jobs and shit, I was planning on getting a bursary to fund my studies for next year. I’m hoping I get it, I wanna finish all my studies before I go into the working world.
  • I might be going on blogging go slow, I need to catch up on my design project. Readers of my blogs shouldn’t get worried when they hear less of me.