What’s Yfm trying to tell us about white people?

Two or three months ago Yfm did a search for a white savior DJ , according to them their hunt for a white DJ was intended to open an opportunity to non-black young people who would attract a more diverse audience. In other words, they brought a white DJ to their line-up in the hopes that it would get white people to start listening to their station, you know cause black people are tired of tired of hearing the same song by an artist who happens to be a yfm DJ getting played twelve times a day. Yfm assumed that by bringing a white DJ multitudes of people classified as whites would miraculously turn the dial to 99.2 khz frequency. Right?

After a gruesome search the smart people at Y found their great white hope, The guy pictured above, has the misfortune of being the first person of non-colour to hold a slot in a station that hasn’t had a good idea since DJ Sbu’s Afternoon drive show way back in ’05. He goes by the name of Jon Hooper, he’s fluent in my home language and can speak Pretoria street slang with ease. I haven’t fuxed with Y since 2006 so I wouldn’t know when he started working there but you can catch his show every Friday from 10PM to 12PM.

If you haven’t interacted with white people and you look to the ever knowledgeable Yfm for information on our white brothers and sisters you could deduce two things from their little “white hunt” experiment 1) White people are Dumb: Yes, white people, Y thinks that you’re dumb enough to listen to a DJ because of the colour of his skin. They think the only reason you aren’t tuning in to their station is not because it sucks, it’s because it’s infested with black DJ’s and you ain’t having none of that! Never mind the fact that most of you can’t speak Setswana, just as long as the DJ is white, you’ll listen. 2) White people have absolutely no social lives: Since this experiment was conducted to attract a more “diverse” listenership are we reasonable to assume that while everybody is out on a Friday night between 10 and 12, partying, watching movies etc. White people are home bored and this would be a great opportune time to get them to listen to their white DJ? Hmm……Wow! This really is an insult to everybody’s intelligence. I don’t know about everybody else but Yfm really outdid themselves this time. Congratulations Yfm, you’ve just showed the whole country how much you love and appreciate your “diverse” listernership.