Bumping in my eardrum

I wasn’t up for writing this post, I feel like writing about music is not my forte. There are people out there who are actually qualified to write about music and are good at it. I’m just a bum with a keyboard, what the hell do I know about music? but I felt the need to do a post about the following albums that I just can’t stop listening to:
Maxwell BLACKsummers’ night
I’m gonna piss a lot of people off by saying this but I thought Maxwell’s last album was disappointing, Besides the first three tracks the album was boring. I had just finished listening to embrya before I listened to Now, Embrya was that good, now was anticlimatic. I wasn’t expecting much from his latest, I thought Pretty wings was beautiful but that alone didn’t convince me that BLACKsummers’ night was gonna be this good. Oh shit! this album is nails from the minute you hear bad habit you know you’re in for a treat, vocal arrangement is on point, everything about this album is on point. The common complaint I hear about this album is that it’s too short, honestly, I’d rather have a short album where little to nothing went wrong than a long album infested with unfinished track thrown in there so that the consumer won’t feel ripped off. Anyways, this album is good. Buy it.
Mos Def- The ecstatic
I love Mos Def, I would never speak of his music without being biased. I loved him from the first time I heard him rapping and I still love him now, I was one of the few people who thought The new danger was good. I love him enough to forget about his last album. I did something I never do, I was willing to wait until his album was released in South Africa. I was sent a rapidshare link two weeks before his album was officially released in the States, I exercised patience and waited. It was finally released here and I searched through many record stores and unfortunately the only latest release at the hip hop section was Black eyes peas’ latest insult to it’s listeners’ intelligence. I was finally forced to borrow a copy from one of my uncles. It’s good, Mos raps well (which has become a rarity these). For a person who enjoys mos’ singing, I could have used an album without them. Madlib as usual doesn’t disappoint with the production. All in all, the album’s good. Buy it.
Dela- Changes of Atmosphere
You probably don’t know who Dela is, I didn’t either until about two months ago. Dela is a french hip hop producer based in paris. The reason I decided to check this album is because the line up looked promising, I wasn’t about to pass up on a chance to hear J-Live, Naledge, talib Kweli, Supastition, Large proffersor, Termanology, Blu etc on the same disc. The music Jazzy soulful beats + rhymes from people who can rap effortlessly makes this one a winner. Buy it.
Bonus: Calvin Harris- I’m not alone

Best house track of the year, IMHO! The album is out on iTunes from today. get it while it’s hot!