These ninjas always learn the hard way

Usually whenever someone challenges me to a drinking spree, I usually warn them that I was literally born with a heineken on my hand, I have years and years of experience in this field. They must make sure they know their story when they decide to have a few drinks with yours truly. But time and time again I encounter dumb ninjas who want to see first hand just how impossible it is to keep up with me when we’re out drinking. Like this ninja pictured above, he used to be my colleague. I asked him to come help me move a few weeks ago. I was prepared to just pack my stuff, heard home and sleep (no, really) but he just had to mention that I can’t leave without atleast having one beer with him. We stopped at a nearby liquor store, he bought a few drinks for us and on our way home, he got knocked the eff out after drinking a disappointing two beers! bloody weakling

Above we have ninja number two, who called me while we were unpacking to tell me to come back to Springs, he wanted us to have a little farewell tour of springs before I officially left. I got to his place at about 3PM, went to about six clubs and two pubs, By midnight I was exhausted, you know, from all the moving and stuff. I asked to be driven home, he and some other ninjas i used to work with drove me to his flat, I fell asleep and they went to more clubs (On the hunt for some ass from what I understand). I respected their game but unfortunately when you don’t value your sleep you end up getting photos of you taken while you’re “asleep” on the floor.

needless to say, the ninja got knocked the fuck out.

And as usual I was the last man standing. Aaahhh, the joy of being an alcohol resistant ninja.

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