Cele, Shaik, Malema sagas

I haven’t updated this blog in a while, I had a tiny spell of blogger’s block but unfortunately that isn’t the reason I haven’t made a single post in almost a month. There hasn’t been anything worth talking about, the political scene is sorta boring, politicians keep doing the same thing over and over again, the predictable media keeps reporting on the stories the same old way. It’s been boring really. Only three things really were interesting, mainly ’cause they pointed out just how shitty the media really is and whose interest they really represent and they are:

  1. The Bheki Cele saga: I really found it amusing that the media hammered Cele for the wrong statement. On the same week he made two troublesome comments, one got political commentators’ feathers ruffled, the other got ignored and that worried me. Our police commisioner made a comment about how he doesn’t want to release crime stats anymore and everybody and their mama threw their hands in the air, the same people who keep saying that the crime stats are “cooked” to make it seem like the war on crime is being won. The same week Cele makes a statement about changing some act to allow cops to start shooting at crimminals and everybody keeps quiet about it. Nobody pointed out that since crime is mainly caused by socio-economic factors, being “Hard” on crimminals without tackling the shit that makes so much of our brothers and sisters turn to crime won’t to nothing to solve the situation. I don’t like our cops, I’m not going to be objective about it, I haven’t had a good experience with cops, I have friends who got unlawfully imprisoned for walking, they were walking at night, cops stopped them told them they were loittering, put them in a police van and told them “it was for their own good”. When they pointed out that they didn’t do anything wrong, they got beaten up. They were let go the next morning. A few of my friends used to stay at a block of flats in Hillbrow, they had friends who worked as prostitutes and they used to tell me stories about how our cops used to demand sex from prostitutes, take their money and sometimes beat them up. Were I’m from, cops won’t hesitate to stop, search you and confiscate the alcohol you were gonna drink in the privacy of your own home and tell lies like it’s illegal to carry alcohol in full view of everybody and even if it was illegal, it is not their jobs to enforce By-laws, that’s what the Metro police are paid to do. Basically what I’m trying to say is that most of our cops tend to act like bullies when their dealing with people of a supposed lower-class because they got a badge and a gun, when given the mandate to shoot to kill Imagine how they’ll treat the prostitutes, if they can rape them surely they can shoot them. It seems to me that the only reason one comment got precedent over the other is because the media still want to instill fear in our society, a story about the government trying to cover up crime will make people more scared than a story about cops shooting crimminals ’cause basically the majority of the population wants to see the crimminals shot, even though the crimminal is still someone’s son, brother, nephew etc. and a dead crimminal means that someone out there lost a family member, regardless of whether they were crimminals or not.
  2. The Julius Malema saga: There’s something about race issues that interest me, I find them interesting because 99% of the time racial incidents are petty bullshit. One thing I find disturbing though is how people like to tip toe around race issues, whenever one raises a race issue they get to hear annoying comments like “You’re too sensitive” “you’re stuck in the past” “stop pulling the race card” etc. Everybody wants to sweep everything under the carpet as if doing that will somehow solve the countless racial inequalities, racial microagressions and incidents that still occur in some place in this country. Julius Malema made a statement saying that the fact that there hasn’t been a black person in the economy portfolio is giving an impression that black people can’t run the economy, he pointed out that blacks are clustered in the security portfolio, they are being reduced to “security guard” (Be honest, that line was funny). Insteading of the media debating the issue, they dismiss it as yet another “Malema” comment.
  3. The Shaik Saga: Out of all the people that could’ve spotted Schabir Shaik driving around in his luxury car, why did it have to be a DA councillor that caught him cruising? and if he really was spotted and a footage of him was taken then why hasn’t it been released to the media? These are some questions that came to my mind when I read the article about how Schabir Shaik has miraculously recovered from the illness that got him a free ”get out of jail” card and yet the media didn’t question the statement. What a surprise! And even if Schabir Shaik somehow managed to recover, why is everyone mad at that? did they want him to die to prove that he was really ill? It’s a wonderful world we’re living in ain’t it?

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  1. First piece is 100% spot on for me. We just signed some innocent black man's death warrant, may God forgive us.Interesting take around the Julius comment, I like your point of view.However, on the Shabir issue, I disagree. Yes, he was spotted by the DA who usually play the role of whistle-blower… But he was spotted. And you know the REAL reason why Mr. Only-in-jail-for-2.5months got parole (http://www.politicsweb.co.za/politicsweb/view/politicsweb/en/page71619?oid=131122&sn=Detail). This regime has a special ability too, like Thabo had a special ability called d-nial, this lot has the ability to refract the law, LOL

  2. Thanks for the referal to the Schabir Shaik article, haven't read it yet (it looks long and intimidating.lol) but I'll make sure I'll read it.PS: I didn't know you had a blog, how come you didn't include it on your twitter profile?

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