I survived it

Today’s my last day at the plant(ation), 358 days ago I packed my bags ready to start a new life. It all turned out to be one big FAIL but I’ve already said enough about that.

I survived it, survived the whole nine, came out of the operation with my sanity intact (well, most of it anyway). I’ll be moving back in with my folks (talk about hustling backwards) ’til I can find my feet again. Hopefully I can adapt very quickly to living by their rules again. I’ve missed them, especially mom’s cooking, Winter’s almost over and I haven’t had mom’s soup. That’s sad And my sister, well, I’m looking forward to fighting over the remote with her. Looking forward to my dog, Spike licking my face enthusiastically. Looking forward to my dad’s grumpiness, I think I got that from him. Looking forward to family love.

There’s an ending to everything and my life at the plant(ation) has to come to an end. Here’s to new beginnings!

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