Life in marvelous times

Is it just me or does it seem like since Jacob Zuma became the President there’s been an increase in:

  • Strikes, From doctors: to mine workers, to construction workers to chemical industry workers, everybody is downing tools;
  • Service delivery protests: People have been waiting for years for basic services like water, electricity and now that the self-proclaimed ‘man of the people’ is in charge, they want them now;
  • And now some organization called Unemployment people’s movement yesterday in Durban, got into two supermarket and looted the stores, as a form of protest. Their demanding a basic unemployment grant of about R1500, if their demands are not met, they’ll quote unquote ‘wreak havoc’.

What’s even more interesting is that when all this shit is going down, the “man of the people” is nowhere to be seen, which is kinda ironic considering he was sold to the public as being more in touch with the masses than Mbeki, remember during the xenophobic attack, how Mbeki was villified when he chose to attend G8 and Zuma was lauded for having meetings with the communities? isn’t he doing the same thing? but I digress this post has got nothing to do with Zuma, no this post is about something even more pathetic: the fact that the only time the poor get airtime on the media is when they stage protests and get violent. People with no housing, water and electricity have always been around, why did they only have to make the news when they start barricading highways and burning tyres? Where all know that poor people are generally invisible in society but still, did the media only have to pay attention to their struggles when they start going berserk?