Where’s the humanity?

A little background about me and computers: I’m an average PC user, I only got exposed to computers quite recently. The first time I ever used a computer was three years ago during my first computer skills lecturer way back in 2006. I don’t know much about using computers, only know the basics. I convinced my sister to buy a PC late in 2006, I was tired of having to wait ’til 16h30 for the CAD labs to open to do my Draughting work and then leave at about 19h00 walk through downtown Johannesburg to catch the last train at 19h45. My sister finally bought a Sahara PC in November 2006 at a furniture shop (the worst place to buy an electronic device in my opinion). 6 months later the PC decided to crash for the first time, the people at the furniture shop didn’t even bother fixing the computer until my mom’s boss threatened them. In July they sent a guy to have a look at it, he said there was something wrong with the hard disk, took it with him came back after two weeks and left. I used it for about a week until it crashed again, he came back took it with him brought it back and it crashed again, and again and again until the computer technician made my father sign a document that stated that the computer was received in good condition even though my father knows nothing about computers, this was in February 2008 and in three month’s time the warranty was about to expire so the furniture store delayed sending in more technicians until May 2008 where they told us that we’ll be responsible for the costs incurred during the repair of the computer that they failed to fix in numerous times. A friend offered to fix the PC for free and he managed to do a decent job on it, it was able to work for more than a year. Yeah it gave me a lot of problems, I couldn’t use most of my Engineering software but I still could listen to music!

A few weeks back my PC started pulling stunts again, I couldn’t log on to the system. I Used safe mode to access all my files, transferred them to my USB stick and waited for my Ubuntu liveCD to arrive so that I could finally rid myself of XP media centre edition and it finally arrived this week. I was stoked, thought to myself that I’ll finally get to experience what it’s like to use Operating Systems that weren’t shoved down our throat because Microsoft keeps flooding the market with PC’s pre-installed with windows but I was disappointed. I had an idea that using ubuntu without any access to the Internet was going to be hell but I didn’t know it would be this bad. So I installed Ubuntu on my hard drive, I didn’t install it on my whole disk, I allocated half the disc space to it (Being in the field I’m in, I can’t afford to open-source completely). Initially I was impressed with how easy installation is and my PC did something it hadn’t done in years, it worked for more than 30 minutes without shutting itself down for no apparent reason. Everything looked fine until I tried playing music and this error message appeared:

I didn’t think anything of it, I was still under the impression that I can download missing plugin’s, software elsewhere and simply install them with ease but i was wrong, installing stuff is complicated on Ubuntu (why does linux have to make everything so darn complicated.lol), it’s quite easy when you have Internet, when you don’t have Internet you have to do extra work and y’all know I’m lazy. I’ve been reading forums trying to figure the whole system out and I’m still trying to figure out if it’s all worth it, I mean I was an average windows user, I don’t think there’s such a thing as an average Linux user. What a culture shock! But I’m going to give it a chance. Maybe this will force me to learn about the world of programming……………………….NOT.lol.

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  1. You might like Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu. It tries to include all the non-opensource tools you need for out of the box startup. I'm using Ubuntu 9.04, though.

  2. ^^I'm Loving Jaunty, I've installed missing extra's with the aid of an offline installation script written by the guys at Hacktolive.org, It's working fine for now.

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