Tale of the rowdy black kids

A week ago I got an e-mail linking me to an essay about the experiences a certain teacher had when he was teaching at a predominantly African American school. The person who send me this e-mail wanted to prove that I’m overly sensitive about race issues, he thought I would be enraged by what I would read and he was wrong, The essay didn’t piss me off at all, I was just saddened by the amount of stereotypes detailed in the essay. I don’t know what happens in America’s public school, so I wouldn’t know if what the teacher stated was true or not. Even if it is true, the way it was described was somewhat offensive. This topic is above my level of understanding so I won’t comment much about it, what I will do however is quote the highlights of the article to see if any of my readers start a riot.lol.
Here are a few quotes I jacked from the article:

“It was not unusualfor five students to be screaming atme at once. Instead of
calming down andwaiting for a lull in the din to make theirpoint—something that
occurs to eventhe dimmest white students—blacks usually justtried to yell over
each other.It did no good to try to quiet them, andwhite women were particularly
inept at trying”

“Many of my black students would
repeat themselves over and over again—
just louder. It was as if they suffered
from Tourette Syndrome. They seemed
to have no conception of waiting for
an appropriate time to say something.
They would get ideas in their heads and
simply had to shout them out. I might be
leading a discussion on government and
suddenly be interrupted: “We gotta get
more Democrats! Clinton, she good!”
The student may seem content with that
outburst but two minutes later, he would
suddenly start yelling again: “Clinton
good!” “

“Blacks often make up their own jingles,and it was not uncommon for 15boys to swagger into a classroom,bouncing their shoulders and jiving back.”

“Many black people, especiallywomen, are enormously fat. Some areso fat I had to arrange special seating toaccommodate their bulk. I am not sayingthere are no fat white students—thereare—but it is a matter of numbers andattitudes. Many black girls simply do notcare that they are fat. There are plentyof white anorexics, but I have never metor heard of a black anorexic.“Black women be big Mr. Jackson,”my students would explain.”

“Many black girls are perfectly happyto be welfare queens. On career day, onegirl explained to the class that she wasgoing to have lots of children and get fatchecks from the government. No one inthe class seemed to have any objectionto this career choice.”

“There is a level of conformity amongblacks that whites would find hard tobelieve. They like one kindof music: rap. They willvote for one political party:Democrat. They danceone way, speak one way,are loud the same way,and fail their exams in thesame way. Of course, thereare exceptions but theyare rare.Whites are different.Some like country music,others heavy metal, someprefer pop, and still others,God forbid, enjoy rap music. They havedifferent associations, groups, almostideologies. There are jocks, nerds,preppies, and hunters. Blacks are all—well—black, and they are quick to letother blacks know when they deviatefrom the norm.One might object that there are importantgroup differences among blacks that a white man simply cannot detect. Ihave done my best to find them, but sofar as I can tell, they dress the same, talkthe same, think the same. Certainly, theyform rival groups, but the groups are notdifferent in any discernible way. Theresimply are no groups of blacks that areas distinctly different from each otheras white “nerds,” “hunters,” or “Goths,”for example.”

“What about black boys and whitegirls? No one is supposed tonotice this or talk about it butit is glaringly obvious: Blackboys are obsessed with whitegirls. I’ve witnessed the followingdrama countless times. A blackboy saunters up to a whitegirl. The cocky black dancesaround her, not really in a menacingway. It’s more a shufflethan a threat. As he bobs andshuffles he asks, “When yougonna go wit’ me?”There are two kinds of reply.The more confident whitegirl gets annoyed, looks awayfrom the black and shouts, “I don’t wannago out with you!” The more demuregirl will look at her feet and mumblea polite excuse but ultimately say no.There is only one response from theblack boy: “You racis’.” Many girls—alltoo many—actually feel guilty becausethey do not want to date blacks. Mostwhite girls at my school stayed awayfrom blacks, but a few, particularly theones who were addicted to drugs, fellin with them.”

“There was a lot of promiscuous sexamong my students and this led toviolence. Black girls were constantlyfighting over black boys. It was not uncommonto see two girls literally rippingeach other’s hair out with a police officerin the middle trying to break up thefight. The black boy they were fightingover would be standing by with a smile,enjoying the show he had created. Forreasons I cannot explain, boys seldomfought over girls.Pregnancy was common among theblacks, though many black girls wereso fat I could not tell the difference. Idon’t know how many girls got abortions,but when they had the baby theyusually stayed in school and had theirown parents look after the child. Theschool did not offer daycare”

“How did my experiences make mefeel about blacks? Ultimately, I lostsympathy for them. In so many waysthey seem to make their own beds.There they were in an integrationist’sfantasy—in the same classroom withwhite students, eating the same lunch,using the same bathrooms, listening tothe same teachers—and yet the blacksfail while the whites pass.One tragic outcome among whiteswho have been teaching for too longis that it can engender something closeto hatred. One teacher I knew gave upfast food—not for health reasons butbecause where he lived most fast-foodworkers were black. He had enough ofblacks on the job. This was an extremeexample but years of frustration cantake their toll. Many of my white colleagueswith any experience were wellon their way to that state of mind.”



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