A small observation on Friedman’s article

there’s an interesting article forwarded to me by Laura, it’s by the great Steven Friedman and it appears on business day (check it out if you will). Basically the article discusses how certain members of the population (read: white people.lol.) are quick to lampoon anyone they feel are gravitating towards posts many whites believe to be beyond them, or express views many whites would rather not hear. The article was quite interesting but what interested me more is the response it got. Even though the article wasn’t really about AA or Employment Equity, readers took it upon themselves to make comments like these:

OK, let’s assume, for the purposes of this argument, that blacks are whites’
equal in every way. Seeing that blacks outnumber whites by at least 8:1 in South
Africa, why then do blacks still need the unfair advantage of affirmative
action? Why does the UCT’s faculty of medicine require a 92% pass mark from
whites but only 75% from blacks for admission? If blacks are whites’ equals, why
would there be any need for an unfair advantage to a numerically superior group?

And these:

Blame it on Affirmative Action and BEE. Because this is the de-facto criteria
for government & other appointments (and now even the chairmanship of Anglo
American), it is very easy to think that “he/she wouldn’t have this or that if
they weren’t African”. So the normal process of competition and success is
pushed down from the public to the personal level, because the Africans are
perceived as not having earned it, but just unfairly getting it. This is
unfortunately to the detriment of the very many Africans who really (I mean
really as they have many more than the average number of hurdles to overcome)
earn their successes and are worthy of their positions & possessions. It is
all in the AB-normal politics of SA. Maybe Obama’s Ghana visit will precipitate
new “winds of change”.

These comments reminded me of a cartoon I once saw on amptoons a year ago. Even though the cartoon is about black-white relations in the USA, I think it applies to South Africa as well.

I’ll comment about Friedman’s article some time this week.


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