Drama at the plant(ation)

I had one of the best weekends, Saturday I heard great news: My friend is in the process of starting his own construction business and he has befriended big names in the construction industry all from being a teller at a bank. He is in the process of getting a major contract which is very great! On Sunday I gatecrashed a stranger’s housewarming party and I had tons of fun even though most of the people at that party were a bit stuck up, I was driven to my place of residence at about 10h30, when I got there I poured myself a glass of klipdrift, sat down and started thinking; why should I go back to the plant(ation)? I mean, my stuff has already been signed off, I’ve finished what i came there to do plus I’m not planning on staying there any longer, what’s the point of waking up at the crack of dawn, dealing with people who still think that black people shouldn’t talk back to them etc etc? I had planned on not waking up at 5am and going to work but I forgot to switch off the alarm clock. I ended up going to work and boy oh boy was I glad that I went there.

Apparently on Saturday night a few dumb people decided to break into the admin building at work, I call them dumb people because of the following reasons: 1)The admin is the building with the most security features, there are CCTV cameras at every corner, Confidential information is located there, plus there’s a safe there. 2) Nobody thought of wearing balaclavas. Seven people were caught on camera stealing seven computers, all those seven are fellow slaves at the plant(ation)! Yesterday cops came and arrested five and to my surprise on of them was a person I usually talk to, I almost became his housemate! we were all shocked, nobody would’ve thought he had anything to do with this he was a really nice, decent guy. This morning the cops came by to arrest more suspects everybody is wondering who’s going to be next person to be taken in for questioning? Quite sad that people will throw away their future just for a computer. Damn.

And on another note, Just recently found out that the company’s IT department has been monitoring my blogs. Ran analytics the other day and to my surprise the network name that they use to investigate Internet abuse appears in the list for network locations that visit my blog. It doesn’t matter anyway, what’s the worst they can do, fire me? pfft!


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  1. OMG! Im not "in trouble" yet at my place of employment, but theyve blocked sites like blogger and facebook! Yes, I do feel singled out…but I wasnt the only one looking at blogger – half the girls look at sites on blogger too!L

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