Keep the blacks out of my twitter

[note: I apologize for the politically incorrect title]

Yesterday was the BET (black entertainment television) awards, I’ve heard a lot of bad things about BET, I haven’t watched it myself save for the BET uncut videos me and my friends used to watch on his computer (we were young and so I can’t really comment on the claims that it perpetuates negative black stereotypes but this is not what this post was about.

The BET awards were held last night and as could be expected people started tweeting about the awards so much so that all BET related keyword(?) manage to take over the trending topics on twitter (see screen shot below)

BET took over twitter and caused and interesting reaction on twitter, to say that middle America was pissed that all these black related topics would be an understatement, check out a sample of the many reaction below:

You gotta love the iNTERNETS! lol, I surprised myself by laughing at these reactions when K provided a link to these screenshots, I found it funny that not as many people reacted the same way when dumb asinine words made their way onto the trending topics. Nobody said anything when #goodpussy #gooddick #goodsex and #11thcommandment all simultaneously made it into the trending topics but when Black entertainers its a travesty! “how dare these black people communicate with each other in such large numbers, don’t they know the Internet is for white people?” next time a black related event of this magnitude occurs, black people better keep quiet about it, they might just start a riot.


One thought on “Keep the blacks out of my twitter

  1. When I saw it..I was like "oh no they didn't" sometimes the lighter nation says some things that just have me kissing my teeth…ugggghhh man it so annoyed me. And great point about the other useless trending topics they normally have…

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