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  • I’m leaving the plant(ation) soon, I know I’ve stated that over and over but saying it just brings so many positive emotions. One tiny tear of joy drops across my cheeks and falls on the old ass keyboard as I am typing this sentence. It’s been an interesting stay here at the plant(ation), I’m going to miss the people I’ve grown close to, I’ve made friends here, got to meet so many wonderful characters. I’m going to miss those d’bags, and the rumours about illicit sexual activity during night shift on weekends used to fill my blue Mondays with tinges of yellow and orange, I’m going to miss that too but I gotta move start a new chapter. The thought of starting over just electrifies my cerebrum, I can’t wait ’til the 31st July 2009!
  • Somebody close to me is deep in debt and I always seem to be the one bailing them out, I really don’t mind borrowing her money ’cause they she used to borrow me money all the time when I was dead broke but I’m now reluctant to do so, I’ll be jobless next month and I have to save money for textbooks, tuition and transport costs seeing that I’m going back to do Design 3 and all. The problem is if I don’t borrow her the money she might find herself in court. This is one of the things that makes me be scared of taking things on credit, Everybody looks at me funny when I tell them that I’ve bought everything I own cash. I only have my student loan to worry about for now. I wanted a laptop last year but I couldn’t afford to buy it cash and I ended up not buying it, everybody was urging me to take it on credit and I was scared to, it was probably for the better.
  • Most of the blogs that I used to read on the regular seemed to be on a go-slow. What’s more interesting is that they all stopped blogging regularly at around the same time. No announcement stating why they have been on a go-slow, nothing! I know that not everybody has the luxury of getting paid to sit on their asses the whole day like I do but still a post a week is not a hard thing to ask.lol.
  • I recently grew tired of my PC crashing every month so I ordered a free Linux ubuntu live CD ’cause clearly XP has a grudge against me. The CD will be delivered in two weeks or so but I’m afraid to switch sides so to speak, from what I have gathered by reading stuff of the Internet is that to do most things on Linux you need Internet connection to download codecs etc. I don’t have home Internet connection plus all my engineering software including the best design engineering software to ever be created, Autodesk inventor (no, really, this software is the shits) all run on Windows and so far I haven’t found an open source alternative to any of them. How will I be able to enjoy Linux without Internet, geeks, help me out on this one!
  • Doing final touch ups to the report I’m supposed to send to the exam department next week Monday. It is the most half-arsed, useless report I’ve ever written. It’s weak, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m politely asked to do another six months stint at another plant(ation) and re-submit a more solid report. I just hope, their lenient (As if.pfft.)

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  1. My go slow started because things got hectic for me work-wise (I am late late late with my PhD – pressure is mounting!!). Along with this my gran has been battling cancer so things have been pretty sad at home, and I have needed to be home a lot. Then I went on a PhD trip to the states to get some help on my research (which was very stuck and is still very stuck, and the clock is ticking and I am already overdue!). Then my gran had an op and there were complications and it was looking very bad. Eventually the doctors said she probably only had about a week left. Not sure what to do but decided to come home… organised tickets miraculously (you would not believe how expensive it could have been!!!), endured fraught few days between various airports and arrived home. Where my mom and aunt had moved into the hospital, sleeping on a mattress on the floor by my gran. Who was really struggling – on a million drips, tubes into her jugular, stomach, all sorts. She passed away about a week after I got home. And the funeral was on Monday. Now I am staying with my mom who is alone in her house (my gran used to live with her). That is leaving out the sad story of my grandfather, which I will leave for another day…. you asked!! :)So blogging got shoved down way low on the priorities list. I actually have tons of blog entries in my head, I just haven't had the time to sit and type them. Also its all been very sad and my brain is a bit all over the place.

  2. Oh yes and I left out the fact that my almost new laptop with tons of my work on it spontaneously died. (By the supreme mercy of God it came on again, but you have to hit the on button about ten million times before it comes on after it turns off. And there is actually no guarantee it will turn on again at all… The computer shop guy said this is indicative of a motherboard problem. Which is probably not worth fixing. Because it will cost much the same as a whole new laptop. Which nearly made me cry. I probably would have cried if my supervisor hadn't been standing next to me when the computer guy told me this).

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