F**k your Meat free Mondays!

On Twitter yesterday I got a link to an article about how former beatle Paul McCartney launched a new campaign urging the public in general to go meatless for at least once a week to combat global warming. The fact that a bloody celebrity is involve should turn a sane individual off, I don’t know about everybody else but all these new celebrity environmental activists annoy the hell out of me. Their setting the movement twelve steps backwards with gimmicky campaigns, documentaries and movies, if I was a real environmental activist I would be pissed that all these celebrities only got on the train after watching Al Gore’s “The inconvenient truth” while I was at it for half my life, all they do is give lectures and film documentaries while I have to risk my life trying to stop Chinese fishermen from killing whales and unscrupulous farmers trying from clearing the amazon for farmland.

But I digress

Where was I? oh yes! Meat Free Mondays! Although I admirer the raising of awareness about issues concerning the environment and I applaud all these gimmicky campaigns like “Earth Hour” and Meat Free Mondays, I feel as if all these campaigns are missing one important point. Not many of these celebrity environmentalists seem to want to point out the real culprits in this whole mess that arrogant humans have created, Industry. It seems as if the responsibility is placed solely on us individuals to do something about the environment, we get to be told to switch off our lights for an hour on a certain day, while Industrial power houses get to still use environmentally unfriendly methods manufacturing methods. We get to be told to go without meat for a week while nobody gets to tell industry to find a safer industrial refrigerant than ammonia. When are we going to see something worthwhile like “Fossil fuel free Fridays” we get to use renewable energy sources for the whole day? I guess never since that would mean industry gets to loose money.HA! So I’m sorry Paul McCartney, Coldplay, or whomever came up with this cheesy idea, I won’t go meat free once a week whilst Nuclear Power plants gets to dispose their waste at a desert near you!

That was my twisted and convoluted opinion on the matter, feel free to add yours!