Thoughts on the vuvusela saga

A little background for those who have been living under a rock these past few days: People attending or confed cup matches watching them on their screen started complaining about the Vuvusela, saying that they are too loud, that they should be banned during the 2010 FIFA world cup, there’s even an on line petition about it! below are the tweets that I made in reaction to this issue (I apologize in advance for not being technologically savvy enough to do that little screen shot thingy bloggers seem to do while blogging about someone else’s tweets)

I couldn’t help myself on this one, the vuvusela issue is a lot like colonialism from mobile web

The people who have a problem with the vuvusela are either tourists or they didn’t watch local soccer before from mobile web

So they come to a soccer game and find fans with an existing culture and decide that that culture is barbaric from mobile web

They then feel its for the fans own good to let go of their own culture and adopt a more civilized culture from mobile web

Maybe they can learn to sing ole ole ole, or do something more civilized like the mexican wave from mobile web

In order words they feel that the way they behave at soccer stadia should be the way everybody behaves from mobile web

They then plot a way to eliminate the existing native culture (ban vuvuselas) in place of their own (cheesy songs and mexican waves) from mobile web

That’s my two cents on the whole vuvusela saga from mobile web

I made those tweets jokingly but you have to admit, there’s a little truth in them and I’ll discuss them in a little while, just be patient. A day later, Laura hit me up with this thread about the issue.

The argument they present is that the vuvuselas are unpleasant and loud. That they ruin the atmosphere ’cause chanting and dancing are replaced by a non-stop buzzing noise. I understand that the vuvusela is a noisy instrument, I’m not a fan of it either but I don’t have the audacity to tell someone how to be a spectator. The vuvusela is part of the South African soccer experience, that is one of the things that make local soccer unique so it doesn’t sit well with me that it should be banned because tourist find it different from the European model they’ve become used to.

I say this is a lot like colonialism in that visitors come to our country and decide to tell us how to behave in a soccer stadium, they want to impose their standard on us. Tell us that we can’t blow noisy air horns for 90 minutes we have to be more like them, we have to sing the same song over and over again ’cause that’s more civilized and less chaotic. I was pointing this out because the same thing happened during colonialism and it keeps happening now. During colonialism people came here and came across things they weren’t used to, they found an existing culture and system and decided that it doesn’t fit in with them. they decided to do away with most of the already existing culture in place of their own. Decided to teach the natives that the clothing that they are wearing is not civilized, replaced them with western apparel etc. the same thing is still going on to this day, I don’t know if it is the case here but in the states black women are made to believe that they have to attain a western standard of beauty to be successful, so they straighten their hair to get a better chance of landing a job. My sister works at a call centre, there’s an unspoken rule that it’s hard to get if you have an “accent”, some customers have the audacity to speak to a white person when a call centre agent with a non-white accents answers. To avoid this companies are using ”accents” as a criteria. I know none of all this have little to do with the vuvusela issue but what I’m trying to say is that if you’re non-white you have to change yourself in order to fit into a system that is created to keep a certain potion of the population at an advantage. Just because tourists find vuvuselas unpleasant doesn’t mean we have to change the way we support ou team. Buy a vuvusela today and blow it as loud as you can, that’s the way things have been and that is how they should be!

I know that this is incoherent and all over the place, I promise to make a ‘decent” post when I get the time.



5 thoughts on “Thoughts on the vuvusela saga

  1. I am always go to the stadium especially when Pirates plays and I have a vuvuzela as a permanent fixture in the boot of my car. Infact my 5 year old daughter can blow a mean one as I she accompanies me to the stadium once in a while. No matter how noisy it is it is a non issue but now because white people have suddenly discovered soccer in South Africa it becomes an issue. I say Fuck white people man! Fuck them. We do not need to be nice to them, Fuck them, bloody fools!! we will blow the vuvuzela all we want

  2. LOL, thanks.I was thinking about this issue and reading that soccer forum thread you linked to.After some thought, this is where I landed up:I think people are reasonable to dislike them. Because they are noisy. They are quite intense on the televised matches, and it can be quite distracting. And make the commentators difficult to hear. Also, I have personal sympathies with people who have issues with noise. I am totally personally anal about noise (I battle to sleep with any kind of noise really, I sometimes resort to sleeping in arb place like passages on the floor just to get away from noise.)So I sympathise with soccer fans who are driven crazy by the vuvuzelas.BUTIt is one thing to say: "Those vuvuzela things are horrible!!! They make me crazy!! I am going to have to mute the TV when I watch the confed cup!!"It is quite another thing to say: "Those vuvuzela things are horrible!!! They make me crazy!! Fifa must ban them!!"It is the assumption that our preferences should take a back seat to theirs that is a problem.

  3. Oh, to clarify, in the last line above:"It is the assumption that our preferences should take a back seat to theirs that is a problem."What I meant by that:"It is the assumption that our [South African] preferences should take a back seat to theirs [vuvezela hating foreign soccer supporters] that is a problem."

  4. Does the blowing have to be incessant? Could it be blown with scoring or intermittently? I have the same blood as the blowers ( Inhabitant of planet earth who was born near Capetown ) and feel it their right to drown out…"foreign repetitive crazy songs and chants.." but for heaven's sake could the racket be muted or subdued muchly for TV audiences, with the use of soundproofed commentators boxes??

  5. People have a problem with the vuvuselas because the noise is incessant, irritating to our ears and grates on our nerves. Like Chinese water torture, it's like a constant beating, over and over and over and over and over and …It has nothing to do with your culture. I have no idea whether or not your South African culture is barbaric or not, and I don't give a damn either way. So take the chip off your shoulder about that one, it's the f'ing noise you make that we hate. Tu comprende, amigo?

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