The great white hope

I haven’t listened to Yfm on the regular since High school, right about the time Iggy smallz passed away. That, in my opinion was the point where Y started to jump the shark. I don’t know how much more sharks are they willing to jump before everybody with some common sense stops listening to them altogether. Their latest publicity stunt is quite sad [quote taken from here]


Gauteng youth radio station YFM has announced a controversial nationwide
search for its next radio star – a young white male……. In a move bound to attract comment from
the race- and gender-sensitive brigade, the station says it “fervently believes
in affirmative action” and rejects “tokenism” and is therefore looking for a
“hot white boy” to add to its lineup.

YFM programming manager Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng, says urban youth culture
and the popular lifestyle associated with it attracts a diverse audience. And
although still predominantly black, the lifestyle proposition, particularly the
music, cannot and should not be categorised along racial lines. “We have seen an
emergence of young white people who listen to our station and come to our
parties. But the new white DJ will be chosen not just for being white, but
because of his unique talent and the ability to connect with our audience,” said
Diaho-Monaheng.The station boasts a predominantly LSM 7-10 audience with high
levels of disposable income and a fondness for new technologies.The new Y DJ
must meet the following criteria:

White Male

Age: 18 – 25

Must speak vernacular aside from English and Afrikaans.

Must give a brief description of why he thinks he suits the YFM market

Must give an example of 4 songs he would choose to be on the YFM playlist

All applications must be submitted through YFM’s website Applicants will be put to the test on air and will need to be
able to hold their own interacting with the station’s robust and predominantly
black male audience

AQUILOGY says: Ummm…….yeah, I’m at a loss for words for this type of class A fuckery. What on earth made them think that a white DJ= White listeners? I doubt that any white person would listen to a station just because it has just put a white face on their line-up. YFM is a sinking ship, everybody knows it. They used to be trendsetters, they basically changed radio when they arrived and now they’ve been reduced to this? How sad. YFM is dead and no amount of white injection is going to bring it back, their latest stunt proves once and for all how desperate they are to stay afloat.