I’m done with converse All Star

I love Converse All Stars AKA Chuck Taylors. Ever since I could afford to, I’ve been buying All Star Hi’s every year but I’m done with them, I won’t buy another All Star until its price drops. I bought my very first all star in 2004, I bought them for R240. It has been a ritual of mine to buy them at about the same time every year. I usually buy the Black coloured one but sometimes when I’m feeling a little adventurous I can buy a totally whack colour like those sesame ones I bought in 2007. I love the simplicity of the design, I love the versatility of the shoes, you can wear an all star with virtually anything. I love them, I’ll always love them but I won’t buy another All Star!

The main reason I won’t buy another all star is because of the recent price jump, it’s ridiculous. 2004 I bought and all star for R240; 2005 for R260; 2007 for R270 and last year I bought one for R300. I wanted to buy one last weekend but I was shocked to discover that they have increased to R450. That’s a 33.3% 50% increase, WTF! I just don’t understand how a sneaker that has looked the same since the 1930’s can increase that much. The only reason many South Africans love All Star was that they were the cheapest “fashionable” sneaker but now that they are only R50 cheaper than the ADIDAS white tennis sneaker I don’t see why anybody will buy them anymore. Maybe they do have valid reasons as to why the price increased so sharply, I sent an e-mail asking them about the price increase but they have still to give me a reply. Eff All Stars. I love them but I’m done with ’em.

3 thoughts on “I’m done with converse All Star

  1. Uuuuh… this is just me being pedantic… if they were R300, and they are now R450, that is a 50% increase… :)On an entirely different note, I just buy fake all stars from PEP for about R50-80.

  2. I buy them at target for $30 bucks whats the big deal and its called inflation just like gas prices the cost of bread and milk ect everything has to go up its called cost of living.

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