Robert Jensen has this to say:

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading an interesting article by Robert Jensen, here’s an excerpt from the said article:

The first trend was the belief that whatever racism remained in South Africa,
things will get better naturally, as long as South Africans respect all
cultures. The argument seems to go something like this: Apartheid is over, we
have a black government, and now it’s time to move ahead by understanding that
the problem of race in no longer political but one of inadequate cultural
understanding and engagement. This celebration of diversity is familiar to us in
the United States, where institutions (especially corporations and schools) tend
to address difficult questions about disparities in political power and the
distribution of wealth through multiculturalism. While there’s nothing wrong, of
course, with acknowledging cultural diversity and helping people learn more
about other cultures, multiculturalism does not take the place of real politics,
no matter how much many white people wish it could. Understanding others doesn’t
automatically mean that those with unearned privileged will work to undermine
the system that gives them that privilege.

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