Screw the children

I attended a township so I know how lazy teachers there can be, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the SADTU’s recent shenanigans but this is just dead wrong:

South African Democratic Teachers Union regional secretary Ronald Nyathi
announced that there will be no teaching again in Soweto tomorrow.
“We will
be a conducting another mass meeting at 10am, at the Soweto College of
Education,” said Nyathi.
Nyathi warned that any schools found operating
tomorrow will be disciplined.
“We know that certain principals are passionate
about education but they are undermining the principle of this strike action.
“Tell us if there is a principal at a school and we will go and remove
“It is not worth fighting against this revolution.
“We need ‘baby
doll’ (Education MEC Barbara Creecy) to take us seriously”.
Striking teachers
will be conducting spot checks on schools between the hours of 8-10am tomorrow
morning to make sure that they are closed.


I still don’t understand how grown ass people would allow their pettiness to fuck with the kids’ future.

[Hat Tip: The sowetan]


One thought on “Screw the children

  1. The mind boggles.And I don't know why the government takes this… like those articles before elections about teachers holding political meetings during school hours? How can they get aways with that?

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