Because I can

I know I should be finishing up my report but I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you guys know what been going on in AQUILOGYland, My conspirators have all taken leave so I have no one to look over my computer screen to see what I’m doing. Things have been interesting and this is why:
  • Yesterday someone I’m not that close to decided to corner me into spending half my day talking about my feelings, he has noticed a change in my behaviour and was worried about me. We talked about a lot of things and I honestly felt better about lots of things happening in my life. I still don’t understand why he felt the need to hold an “intervention”, I don’t know him that way.
  • Recently found out that a close friend of mine is going through the same bad patch as I am, we talked for about half an hour on the phone, she started crying, and I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I thought because I understood what it feels like when everything goes wrong I would be able to handle the situation better but I didn’t offer any words of encougement, I choked, I just stood there and listened to her crying over the phone.
  • I love Winter, I think it’s the most underrated season of the year. I love the food, the runny noses, the cold weather, I love everything about winter and I’m very excited that it’s finally here.
  • The Confederation cup is a week away and I can’t afford to buy a ticket, I had planned to go watch a game live at the stadium for the first time in my life but my economical situation won’t allow me to.
  • Six weeks is all I have to endure until I finally pack my bags and leave the plant(ation). Yippeeeee*pops cheap champagne ’cause we’re in a recession*

One thought on “Because I can

  1. Ooooh I know the shall I comfort them, let them cry for a little bit longer aint cute…in fact it pustr everyone involved in a weird position. The cryer and the consoler just dont know what to do. The best bet is to look sympathetic and depending on your closeness maybe embrace for a few seconds (again dependent on how well and how long you have known each other)… 6 weeks hey? YAY!!!

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