The SABC is dead

Remember when news hit that the SABC had financial problems and that they refuse to pay production houses and that most of your favourite shows might get canned and this and that? where you one of the people who refused to believe that the national broadcaster was in trouble? I was, I’m usually very skeptical of South African Newspapers, they have a habit of blowing things way way out of proportion. I thought that maybe the public was being used as pawns once again. But I was dead wrong, looks like things are really in shambles over at the SABC.


Production houses, Actors, Musicians, Unions, Basically everybody is fed up with the SABC and on the 4Th of June they are staging a march against non payment of about R60 Million. Apparently it’s SABC’s m.o. to not pay production companies for series that are already on air, they use every excuse on the book to not pay anybody and as a results, production companies had to retrench a lot of their stuff. So if you have beef with the SABC, maybe Snuki slept with your wife or something, you can join the Television Industry Emergency Coalition at the following venues:




Date: Thursday 4th June 2009


· 10.30: Joburg – Gather at Atlas Studios in Milpark for rally·


12.00: Cape Town – Gather on grass in front of SABC·


12.00: Joburg – March to SABC·


13.00: Joburg and Cape Town – march and picket at SABC·


13.45: Joburg – Hand over memorandum


For more info contact:


Another thing that pissed me off about the SABC was their pulling off the Special Assignment episode about Political satire and censorship for the second time, it actually reminded me of the time they refused to air that infamous Thabo Mbeki Documentary and when they finally decided to air we all were disappointed at how uncontroversial it is, all that fuss about nothing and now their are doing it again?!? The fuck?!? The SABC is full os shit, don’t they know that they cannot afford to do this kind of stuff up in this day and age? Anyhoo, the documentary hit the iNTERNETS yesterday via the Mail&Guardian online, you can view it at Jeremy Nel’s site, be quick though, the censorship police are trying hard to take it off the iNTERNETS.